USB stopped working after soldering

Simple test, unplug the connector to the vtx and see if it connects

First thing i tried. Ive now removed the connectors and still nothing.

Looking at the wiring diagram it has uart 1 as the vtx connection and uart 2 as the receiver connection

Do you have a voltmeter? If so can you see if there is 5v on any ‘5v’ pad when just the usb is plugged in?

I dont im afraid

thats uart 1

Does windows recognise it when plugged in, do you see it in device manager. Could it be a driver issue

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You said your vtx was connected via a connector which according to this is R1 T1

Neither, it had no issues before soldering so i doubt its a driver.

Your soldering looks spot on. Is the soldering on the rx ok? Have you tried another usb port on your computer? Sorry, I’m not being funny. Sometimes its stupid simple

Tried front ports initially then tried rear ports straight into Mobo, other end of the RX is a JST when plugged in with lipo it boots up and binds, VTX shows video etc no problems…literally just wont connect to pc anymore

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Usb connectors on the fc ok? Even in the socket?

solder joints look fine and socket isnt damaged. It still gets power over USB but it takes about 30 seconds and the 5v led comes on but not very bright

Quick question did you have it connected to betaflight at all? There is one slider in the the configuration (the one at the top from memory) that if you turn it off it can stop the board connecting via USB and then the board needs reflashing from scratch

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Before soldering yeah but I havent disabled the USB. Unless it has nuked itself but id assume the pc would still recognise it then.

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Are the correct drivers installed? If you go into device manager is the PC seeing the flight controller at all?

Try dfu mode and reflash?

Unless the drivers magically uninstalled themselves in the last 30 minutes, its not that. PC isnt seeing it at all.

How can i reflash it if my pc doesnt recognise the device in any way