V-Coptr Falcon - the world's first v-shaped bi-copter

I don’t know if this will ever see the light of day, but here you go…


Lifted these from slack, not sure if they will play here:

Trying direct upload:


More on it here.

Pre order for $699, 4999 when it goes on sale in February. Shame the camera isn’t better :frowning:

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ZZR have a bad rep on Kickstarter - hence my cynicism about it seeing the light of day :confused:

Remember the Hover 2? :roll_eyes:

Like the look of this,if it ever gets into production! 4k,30 fps 3 axis camera,and 50 mins of flight time,could definitely be interested…

Lets hope its any good! :thinking: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :+1:

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just received an email on the Drone V_Factor Falcon a 2 prop drone. Has anyone else got any more info on it? $699

V-Coptr Falcon - the world’s first v-shaped bi-copter

More info here :+1: :+1:

@Manty I’ve moved your post to the existing thread on this subject.

@PingSpike Sorry Rich I just found the other thread!

Don’t really see any benefit to 2 motors, it will still take the same amount of energy\power to lift X weight off the ground, as a well known engineer said “Ye cannae change laws of physics”. Likely not really saving much weight as those 2 motors will be each much bigger than the ones using 4 less powerful ones.
Sure it may do 50 mins with a big enough battery just like all the others would also manage with the right set of battery\motor mods.
Also assuming it controls forward\backward motion at least by relying on weight transfer of some type I would expect it to be much less stable in a turbulent air situation than a quad.
Looks like a bit of a one off gimmick to get some money in and never deliver.

Agreed. Additionally he gear train that is involved for the two motors to drive the props is both a way to sap power and also a complication that could be a source of weakness.

The camera is fairly run of the mill so no USP there.

Released February $999

Looks excellent 50 min flight time wow