Video editor

Ok guy’s .
This is my dilemma .
After an upgrade on OSX from Sierra to Catalina . " I know i should have left it alone ". My FCPX no longer works . It was a dodgy copy anyway , It has served me well .
I now need something as good as and being a tight sod must be free .
I have iMovie but this is not as good as Final cut .

DaVince Resolve - free for home use and v.powerful. Not sure it’s as powerful as FCPX though it surely comes close.

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When I asked similar last week general consensus was RESOLVE :+1::+1:
I believe there is a MAC OS version and also a free version which is highly spec’d
I’ve not had chance to try it yet though😩
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Tried that one . It’s very power hungry and far to slow for me and over complicated .

I have tried Wondershare Filmora 9 . That’s crap and also Shotcut , That’s not up to much also .
Trying to find something like FCPX . .

What features did you use in FCPX that aren’t present in iMovie @shane9377?

Were they deal-breakers? :thinking:

You need another dodgy ?

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It was easy to green screen in FCPX and the colour grading . Also different masks , More FX like aged film looks . Cloning . The list goes on .

Think i am on it .

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I would downgrade back to Mojave. I’ll bet you’ve got loads of 32 bit applications that won’t work, I know I have. They’ll have to drag me, kicking 'n screaming to Catalina!

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Not sure what extras you get with Catalina, but I’ll bet it won’t be long before you need to upgrade the hardware!

Different beast altogether, automatically syncing separate audio tracks, excellent titling, loads of plugins etc.etc.

I was on Sierra before the upgrade . Everything worked apart from FCPX .
I could not revert back as did not have time machine running .

10.4.7 and we are cooking .

Excellent. Well done, did you downgrade? You should be able to go up to Mojave 10.14, which is great.

Sorry, you meant FCPX 10.4.7. I didn’t realise that was 64 bit.

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Never tried Mojave . I went from Sierra to Cattalina . No going back as time machine not on . I just found the patch

Thanks for the suggestions folks .

Unfortunately, any video editor will take time to learn and, IMO, it is only as complicated as FCPX is (was). As to slow, it works fine on my 5yr old PC but then I guess that’s horse for courses.


For what it’s worth, I have a full copy of Final Cut Pro running on an aging mac, upgraded to Catalina, no issues with the upgrade, but I have found FCPX is a lot faster and smoother to run, handles 4K a lot better than pre-upgrade.
Use lots of plugins etc from Motion VFX and others, so invested in FCPX.

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