Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc


Tell me about it, I’m supposed to be flying today and tomorrow


I tell you what, Sunday better be superb.


I’m just trying to arrange something with my mate. After yesterday and today were both a right off


Weather looks good for some fpv fun tomorow. My mate and I will be at the golf course from 14:30 either on the hard standing or over by the big tree. If in doubt listen for the whine of our props getting all the abuse in the world :smile:


Bring your hard hats. Nooby acro flyer comin.


I will bring my SpeedyBee and we can take a look at your config and make sure everything’s ok :slight_smile:


Ta. Haven’t changed much from stock. Hovers well in the kitchen. Just got to punch it tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


@notveryprettyboy - Is the silence following your first outing a good sign (you are busy making an army of FPV quads) or a bad sign (you took out all outdoor venturing members of public within a 1km zone including yourself and @Wyntrblue)?!

I wasn’t here to join you sorry. But am very interested in seeing what you have done :+1:


We flew. The quad I had with me broke after the 2nd pack so I ended up flying @notveryprettyboy’s. @evilbobbins flew almost all his packs and then edited a video

I need to spend some time with a soldering iron to figure out why mines not working…

I’m sure we will be out again soon


Yup fun was had and lots of packs were flown :slight_smile:


Nah. All is good. I put a hd cam on top now. Just making a protective frame for it. I need to get it out often to learn to handle it better. It has far too much pop in it for my meagre skills. I’ve moved the rx wires as they where in the worst possible position. If there is no improvement, I’ll upgrade to crossfire.


What receiver are you using? Full range?


It’s a ux14 configured for fly sky. It’s got diversity. I have another receiver that has good range. But is bulky. I had the wires running along the titanium next to the lipo. Of course the wires were running horizontal. Which is bad! Didn’t think.


Taranis and crossfire and never worry about it again


That’s the plan. When cash is available. Kids need their school trips and flash trainers.


Id go for a taranis and an XM+.

You can then upgrade to crossfire later if needed and you’ve only lost about £15 on the receiver.


I’ll have to trawl the sites for a good deal. More than likely on Friday night when I’m caked.


I’ll be out on Saturday at hawksbury. Just going back to basics. My quad has too much power for me and I need to get used to the non assisted flying. Just hovers and simple turns.


No such thing as too much power! But start with some basic squares bother left and right hand. Aim to keep a constant altitude. Your gonna do fine


Yeah. I have an instinct to throttle when in trouble. Its bugging me.