What’s new from DJI

Just had this from DJI

Any ideas what it might be?


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That’s interesting, though looks expensive!

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I believe the DJI remote thingy, that works with some of the other top end DJI products, works with it … so one person can carry and another can control the camera.

Not certain this is what 13th is about … but timing seems right.

It looks consumer related rather than professional.

Osmo mobile 3 perhaps?

The hands look like it could be gesture control and that looks like a gimbal in front of the cat.

There is an Osmo 3 due soon, too. Very different grip, I believe.

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Noticed the leaked drawings last week. Does it not fold or something like that.

Any idea what the planet and bottle might signify in the teaser?

Just two days ago Heliguy slashed the price of the Osmo Mobile 2 down to just £79 quid

Too much of a coincidence eh?

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I think the clue is in the name of the ad. It’s a Transformer. An Osmo with robot legs. That looks like a cat. That can also fly. And hopefully it has lasers.


And, a free bottle of Coke !

A mavic 3,and a bottle of coke !!! :rofl::rofl:

Mavic Super Pro Super Zoom



Mavic Super Pro Super Zoom with Invisibilty cloak…

ERR you forgot the 3 hour flight time (on one battery) Dave !!!:wink::wink:

Forgot the Super Cheap, too. :+1:

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Also don;t forget,DJI B.O.G.O.F. one week only!!!:+1::+1:

So, no Inspire 3, a small drone for low-budget consumers is on the way, it would (possibly) appear.

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Or a Mavic 2 “Nano”?


If only that were true !!! Would love to get a “nano” version of the MP2…:+1::+1::wink::wink:

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