Where/How best to attach your CAA Operator ID label?

Have you labelled your drone with your CAA Operator ID?

Share your photos for inspiration on where best to mark the various drone makes and models please, along with what you actually used (Dymo, custom printed labels, masking tape and a sharpie, etc) :slight_smile:

For your own safety, please obscure your Operator ID in any photos you share.



On my Mavic Air it’s in my battery compartment on a dayglo yellow Dymo label. :slight_smile:


I don’t think it can be because it has to be able to be seen without taking the drone apart

Going to pop mine in the battery compartment too on a dymo white\black label (M2 Pro) as i’m sure the rules state it just needs to be accessible without special tools and I don’t think your fingers to release the battery clips counts as special. Also covers the visible on the ground as it is on top when the battery is out.

You don’t need a “special tool” to remove the battery.

When I get around to it - I shall use the CAA’s own wording as my guide rather than someone’s alternative interpretation of it. It’s a simple, unambiguous, sentence.


Stuck mine on the top of one of the front arms and put one in the battery compartment.

Mavic 2 Pro. :grin:


Mine are all in plain sight, on top of the MP in front of the battey, on the legs of the P4P, and on the side just below the battery cap of the Inspire.
Not that anyone will see them, they haven’t been out in months so will probably be sat in the house for the next few :unamused:
I agree that you don’t need a special tool to remove the battery but it also can’t be read when the aircraft is on the ground if the battery is still in it, which is more than likely should it need to be read by someone not knowing how to remove the battery.

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For someone of average height, 3mm text at ground level just isn’t legible… so that part is just bollox in any case.
So, whilst they’re kneeling down to get close enough, they can just remove the battery. #Simples

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Well mine won’t have to be so even more simples if it does need to be read.

Mine doesn’t exist … even I can’t read it … let alone anyone else. :wink:


this is where i have put mine. this is version one. I just need to try harder to colour match the background to the body.


That’s because you’re a rebel :grin:

One of the several reasons I’ve not registered, indeed. :smiling_imp:


I was hoping for suggestions that were a little more ingenious or creative :rofl:

Was that one of the clear/transparent dymo labels? I like the way you masked the number before uploading, looks like your felt tip pen on some selotape has smudged :smiley:

With a black text on a grey label you mean? :thinking:

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may be but due to the font I quite like the white.

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Slight correction to the above ….

20/20 vision is visual acuity of 5 minutes of arc.

5 minutes of arc = 0.0833333°

Cotangent (0.0833333°) * 3mm = 2.0626m distance.

So - it can be read … in ideal conditions, when perpendicular to the line of sight, by someone around 6ft.

But - it ain’t gonna be perpendicular to the line of sight …. 45° on average?

So - 2.0626m x sin(45°) = 1.45m … in perfect lighting for someone with 20/20 vision.

So - still not legible for most people on an average day out in the boonies without getting down and dirty. :+1:


Someone needs to make some James Bond revolving ones


No thats actually how it looks!! :rofl:

Yes its an clear/transparent dynamo label. Will be easy enough to replace if it comes off. Should be fine though.

Have stuck my OP ID on my controller as well.

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Something like this you mean?!! :stuck_out_tongue:


It DOES say it has to be on the body of the aircraft! :wink:

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