Where near Southampton can I fly my Mavic Air

Hi everyone,

I have a Mavic Air, and due to life becoming hectic, I ended up not using it for a while (since drone licenses were required (operator ID, etc). I have now gotten the chance to get the requirements needed to be able to fly the drone again, however, I am feeling a bit lost on where I can fly… Anyone who lives near Southampton that might be able to help and tell me a nice location to fly the little bee?

I have a car, being able to move around :wink:

Thanks in advance

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Welcome once again!

Southampton being a significant port makes shipping an interesting subject for drone footage!

The chap behind the Solent Ships YouTube channel often streams live drone video of cruise ships at Southampton and I think he usually flies from Mayflower Park.

Sometimes he has also flown from Calshot but this brings the hazard of interference from the Coastwatch radar as well as infringement of New Forest National Park byelaws.

The Eastern side of Southampton Water might also be a possibility; Weston Shore perhaps and Netley. However, part of Weston Shore falls within the 60m altitude zone for Southampton Airport.

Thank you very much, I can start to get a better understanding of it now, thanks for that… According to the Apps and website that I am using to visualize the areas where I am allowed to fly the drone, is getting difficult to get an idea of an ideal location to fly the drone… Because they are Nature Reserves or recreational areas, or they are near buildings or beaches where probably we will find plenty of people, it is getting frustrating to find an ideal spot to do it safely. By any chance do you know anywhere outside of Southampton (but not much further than Bournemouth or Portsmouth) that might be interesting to fly the drone? Thank you in advance :wink:

For flying practice, I often go to Milford. If you go down the lane between Keyhaven and Milford (that runs just behind Hurst spit) you can park for free and cross over the footbridge onto the spit.

The land to the WEST of the footbridge is outside the New Forest National Park, and of a summer evening, there aren’t too may people on the beach there. Mudeford is another interesting possibility [Christchurch harbour entrance] but need to be mindful of nature reserves and a greater volume of people.

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Salisbury Cathedral ??

I’ve flown down by Calshot a couple of times. Low tide is the perfect time to fly as you can walk out on the stone banks and well away from others. Not a good idea though to fly around the Castle as it’s too close to the National Costal Watch tower and the big radar that sits above it!

Thanks a lot for the tips, hopefully, one of these days we will find each other in one of those locations… :wink: I do much appreciate your help with this!

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I dought that location is a possibility… seems surrounded by buildings and I don’t think you will be able to fly there legally!

thank you :wink: due to the time that I have been without flying, I would probably avoid that location for the time being for safety reasons! However, it seems a great place to when building up more confidence again :wink: Thank you.

Walk out on the banks when the tide is out and theres no issue whatsoever. The foreshore is Crown Estate at low tide so no issues whatsoever.