Why did I lose signal on my DJI Mini 2?

Was flying trying to get an above shot over a quarry with SWMBO as my spotter when after about 400 meters distance I lost signal to the Mini2. My spotter had visual as I was using strobes but I did wonder why it lost signal at such short range. It was out in the open countryside but the only thing I could think of was the car bluetooth/radio as we had that on in the background.
Although the RTH kicked in and within 5 seconds the signal returned, I had very sweaty hands and I mild panic attack. I really dont know how you FPV guys do it, I would be a nervous wreck withing 10 mins! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You were in the car? I always keep an eye on my signal meter when I’m flying away, if it starts to look ropey, then I know I’m risking losing signal if I go any further.

Take the maximum distance spec with a pinch of salt.

No I was standing next to the car. What is scratching my head is that 400mts doesnt seem a lot so I can only put it down to interference.

Were you facing the drone with antenna pointing at it, the danger when someone else is watching it is to drop the angle of the controller to a level plane?

Any Airdata you can share?

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Ahh thinking about it yes I was watching the screen so I probably did have the controller on a more level plane.

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When I flew my OG Mini around Coventry Cathedral I had several signal losses due to a possible unstable version of the FLY App and possible WiFi interference as it was an extremely built-up area of Coventry City Centre. I just persevered with it to get the shots I wanted. Trust the technology :+1:t2: :grin:

What version of the Fly App was you using?

See this thread:

The latest Fly app version. I think the milkman may have found the answer as I was so busy concentrating on getting the shot that I would have been staring hard at the screen and keeping it level for a better view of the screen.


Standing nest to a metal objects when flying drones is a silly thing to do ,read about signals and metal objects

Not really, I’ve flown my Air 2 from inside my car with no issues.

If YouTube is to be believed, most Americans fly sat in their cars :joy:

Very handy in the winter months and ideal for avoiding the Karen’s :ok_hand:t2:

@DeanoG60 is that using an external aerial or just the standard hand held remote?

Just the standard controller :+1:t2: search for my Chesterton Windmill set the whole of that flight I was sat in my car because it was F-ing freezing and it has no drone signs on the gate to the field so didn’t want to draw attention to myself I only got out the car for take-off and landing :ok_hand:t2: :grin:

Very nice vid there sir.
it is a regular car (not a convertible) as I would have thought a car would act like a Farraday cage? LOL
I’m going to try next time out…

Yeah normal car Seat Leon FR Estate. :+1:t2:

Does your mobile work in the car :wink:


Doh! Ok, I get it

It also works when your sat in the kitchen :grinning:


Obviously your range will be less than optimal but worked no issues.

I’ve just checked my flight log for that flight and I got one weak signal warning but I was 1,105ft (336.8m) away from my home point lol


Also, don’t forget you can use FCC mode to improve your transmission and signal