Willington cooling towers, Derby

I wish to organise a meetup at the disused cooling towers near Derby. Weekend preferably. Anyone interested?
Oh, not sure where they are, but I can find out. @milkmanchris? @Wyntrblue?

Suggested dates:

  • 24th August
  • 25th August
  • 31st August
  • 1st September

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Depends when tbh. I’m pretty solidly booked at the moment and all my gear has been packed away for over a month

Shame on you! Before the end of the good weather.

Not by choice dude. Just really busy atm. Might getting out with a fixed wing tomorow for an hour if I can finish the pile of stuff I need to accomplish first






Some GADC members have flown there in the past, they may be up for a re-visit @notveryprettyboy :smiley:

I think I need to check this out this weekend. Thank you @PingSpike. The second website in your first post was real good. Bookmarking.

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I realise people are on holiday, but sometime before the end of september? When the weather may still be clement. Please post if interested.

Im in

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I reckon I’ll be up there sunday around 5ish after the shopping to check it out. Anyone’s welcome to come. Meetup planned for a future date.

Can’t make tomorrow, but deffo up for a meet before they know I them down.

I’m out of country 4-18 August but any other weekend good (work depending)

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I would like to attend if I can.
Doug Cooper

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We could pencil in w/e 24th or the following weekend. I’ll try a poll thingy.

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Just moved your poll to the first post @notveryprettyboy - it’ll get lost in the middle of the thread otherwise :slight_smile:

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I should be able to make either the sat or Sunday 31st or the 1st

I’d love to meet up with some of you guys …my only concern is no fly area around East Midlands airport as it is pretty close by… I can’t check to be sure currently…I am out of the country until mid August however, but definitely count me in…work permitting

Yeah its pretty tight. It may be worth me asking permission. I do actually know a flight controller who works there…

Any other takers? @Proteous which dates are good for you. Just bumping it up in the listing!

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Most Saturday or Sunday mornings are good with me… I say most, what i mean is, they are my days off, and they are the days i plan to do things.