WTB Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

I’ve loved my Mavic Pro and now have a Cadet unit looking to buy one. is anyone “trading up” their Mavic Pro for a Mavic Air and looking to move their MP on?

Ideally the Fly more Combo and would need to be seen flying…



IMO, that’s not an upward trade.

MP2 should be announced soon, and that will see quite a few MPs for sale … mine included if (a) it’s the spec that’s rumoured, and (b) it’s less than the price that’s rumoured. :wink:

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I agree!

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I’m really interested to know why you say that? Having owned a Pro since October 2016, already it’s clear to me and a lot of Air owners that the Air is superior to the Pro in almost all respects apart from flight time and range… Range has been shown to easily be 3km and flight time is ~7 minutes less but I struggle to see why anybody would need more than 20 minutes flight time for a consumer drone.

I’m guessing that you don’t own an Air?

Nothing to add chaps? :slight_smile:

I think the DJI pricelist says it all. Almost no difference in price between an 18 month old, but still current, model and a new model.

If there was that much difference between the two, it would be reflected in the price.

I think the Air would complement a P4P nicely. One with the power, range and 1" sensor and the other for portability.

Having a mavic pro I don’t see the upgrade value in moving to an Air. Yes it has 100Mb bit rate but from occusync to Wi-Fi is a step backwards.

I flew with someone who was losing video feed at 400m.

Occusync really shines in congested areas or where there is a lots of trees.

If I was starting from scratch I’d probably consider the air.

Mavic 2 will be my upgrade route if I can hold off on a P4P.

Rumours are that the MP2 will be the P4P spec in a, slightly larger than the MP’s, Mavic style body.

The Air will become (/is) the MP’s “market position” replacement, and nothing more.

If so, the MP2 will be the next drone I’ll want. Although, on my stupid pension, I’ll need to find some ingenious justification if the price, too, is much nearer the P4P’s.

Strange to compare models based solely upon price alone and not the technical and physical abilities of each but whatever rocks your boat.

I can sense and kind of understand people being protective of their investments but 18 months in the electronics R&D world is a lifetime, there is no doubt that the camera on the Air is better than the Pro’s, it flies equally as well in all conditions and, with the FCC/GPS mod to the controller, will easily stay in touch a mile or two or three away, if that’s what you want to do. So far, I’ve only been 1,250m out but with full strength on everything.

I will be getting an MP2 when, and if, it is released, that’s always been my plan but my point is that the Air is, imo, an upgrade from the Pro if filming is your primary purpose for owning a drone unless you’re doing long range BVLOS flying and you need 25+ minutes flying time. :smiley:

This is quite an informative and factual video about the difference between the cameras:

So - the only improvement you mention is the camera.

The differential between the selling price of a secondhand MP against a new Air is a whopping price to pay for a slightly better camera. It makes no sense.

Range - eggs v eggs - one can FCC the Mavic too, so let’s not try pretending you can reduce the difference in that way.

And, yes, I think one can compare the list prices.

Fact: The Air was released at a lower price than the MP originally was.
Fact: During that time we’ve had Brexit to blame for the UK£ falling dramatically against world currencies.
That, and inflation, would make the original MP release price about £1,150 in today’s climate … but the Air is only c.£770.

DJI are far from stupid, they know what the true market position is of their products one v the other … and against any competition.
If there were genuine significant reasons that the air was better than the MP, the price would be set accordingly to maximise profits.
But the fact is the price is only slightly above that of the near-end-of-life, and appropriately discounted, Mavic Pro.

I reiterate the starting point for this conversation.
"IMO, that’s not an upward trade."

Lol, that’s more like it, bold italics! :smiley:

I’ll start by saying that the Mavic Pro is an enormously capable drone that I love and I’m sorry if you’re finding it difficult to accept that, in most respects, the Air is better and of course you are entitled to think that but unless you have owned both, you’re not really coming at this from an informed position.

A lot of what one might like about something is what you propose doing with that something. For me and I suspect most people who own a camera drone, it’s filming or taking photos! The Air’s camera is in my opinion, and a lot of others, not just slightly better, it is significantly better. I guess you didn’t watch the video I linked above. I also guess that you didn’t spot the part where I said that imo “the Air is superior to the Pro in almost all respects apart from flight time and range”. This includes size, weight, build quality, capital cost, spares costs, camera, flight modes, intelligence, more subtle, OA, etc.

I’m no fussed if you agree or not but I really can’t think why anybody who has owned both would not believe that the Air is an UPGRADE OVER THE PRO :rofl::smiley::joy:

Here are a few people who agree. :slight_smile:

I know this isn’t a Pro, but @jamesbill_uk is selling his Air if it’s of use?

Thanks, I think he’s after something that doesn’t use WiFi only!

You could buy a new flymore combo for less than £800 from eglobal?
I just got my platinum from them and despite the bad reviews was fine. Not expecting great service if I need to make a warranty claim mind.

I can’t really spend cadet money on iffy suppliers, if it never arrived or had no warranty is be personal Nd financially responsible!

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If you buy using eBay and PayPal you’re covered :slight_smile: