Yankee Go Home?

Was invited and looking forward to meeting and enjoying the company. The Inspirepilots website good but a bit too intense for me and seemed steeped in rules and regulations. Not that I’m a scofflaw, but you’d think from some of the posts no one ever lost sight of their drone . . . ah well.

Names John, loced in Jacksonville, FL, Northeast FL very near Georgia border. My age is posted, but 78 to be 79 in December. I own an IT (information technology) company but I’m not very active I might add.

I’m embarrassed to list my inventory, but here goes: P4, P4 pro V2, I1/Z3, I1V2.0/X5, I2/X5S. Plus a bunch of duplicate controllers and Crystal Sky 7.5 inch Ultrabright. I’m familiar with photography and ok with most, very much novice in videography.


Welcome. Bet there’s some nice big open places to fly over there.

Welcome, just don’t come over here with your silk stockings and chocolate, stealing our women.

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @jmp00001 - glad you could join us mate :slight_smile:

Don’t be embarrassed by the drone fleet you’ve got going on there, you’ll be met with similar like-minded people here that have the same amount of gear, or you’ll be met by ever so slightly envious people (like me) that wish we had all that gear :rofl:

Welcome once again John :+1:t2:

The horror of suggesting we have :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard John and as @PingSpike says don’t be ashamed of your stock just allow us poorer folks to be envious! :open_mouth::open_mouth:

I know, right? :rofl:

I’m forever losing sight of my Mavic Pro - one minute it’s there, I can see it… then I look down at the screen, look up again and WTF! It’s vanished!!

Those Strobon CREE lights help though :slight_smile:


Welcome John, from the other side of the Pond !.
We are not a bad bunch over here in the UK. Not so much space as what you have though, and weather is a bit “iffy” from time to time!.
Quite a Collection of flying machines you have there !.
Pull up a chair, sling a cold one in the fridge, stack a few burgers on the barbie and enjoy our little place called home !.
We are not so “stuck up our own arses” as “the other forums” are !.

I know I’m going to love this site already. I feel welcome and can say bollocks without the b*********** lol


Welcome john

Have fun in the club

Hello and welcome John, there are a few that have too many in their fleet if you ask me but don’t be embarrassed :crazy_face: :laughing:

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It’s likely a disease. And, suspect others have gone down this treacherous and slippery path. I had a P4 I picked up in 2016, a bad year, wife passing and I being caregiver, never flew it once, until 2019 when a buddy encourage me to fly with him and his Mavic. Got hooked, but saw the Inspire 1’s going cheap, what the heck, picked up a used one without camera and purchased the X5. Aha, the V2 of th I1 must be better, got one of those, picked up some prime lens, and bought the Z3, thinking of selling something. Oh, forgot about the P4V2.0 Pro, new. Anyhow, having been successful in business and at 78, Dec 79, how many years have I got heh heh besides, a helluva lot less than the Bentley convertible I was eyeing. Thought I’d give Theresa a hand with all of her BREXIT woes, instead just helped the Chinese it seems. Long-winded, but how I ended up with all of the inventory with little desire to go thru packing stuff to sell LOL.


Hi John and Welcome
Your as young as you feel best advice keep breathing and enjoy LIFE
which looking at your drone list you sure are as of stuff i have a LOT which the wife keeps moving them…

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Welcome John. Great bunch of people here and very helpful too

I have to agree, although I haven’t been out with any of them for two months or more now :blush: :cry:


Thank goodness at least I have found/know one kindred spirit who’s as uhhhh ‘different’ as I (different was chosen over a word that would likely show up as f*******). But here’s a quote, and I take sole credit, some military orgs have changed it, but here goes: if it’s important enough to have one, then like you should have 2 (or more). I also have spare displays and consoles: 3- P4 consoles, (one with builit in display) 2 I1 consoles, 2 I2 consoles. 6P batteries, 8 TB47/48, 8 TB50’s, and spare chargers and Phantom Angel. Lenses include . . . nope, not saying and n***ot to brag with this list of stuff, but to show others that there are crazies out there that support the economy. LOL***

No filtering here! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I think I used damn on inspirepilots and it was filtered ugh

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serves you right for visiting a F***** Up site that are so far up there own ar**s ! :wink:

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Fuckin A

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