Yellow tag on MP camera

Is this little yellow tag supposed to be on the back of camera ? It seems my cam sticks occasionally then suddenly releases

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Remove it … never worked out it’s real purpose/use but, like you, mine seemed to sometimes catch at the top on that area and removing it reduced the frequency it caught.

I eventually got a new gimbal mount that solved the problem better … although a tad of a faff to open things up to replace that part.

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No one seems to know what this is for (at least not that I’ve seen on the subject)…

At the moment, I’ve left it intact, as all the other stickers on mine were yellow, but this one is red so my basic instinct told me to leave it be

Right …

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I’m not sure about the yellow tag got my second hand and it already had it removed maybe just for factory packing. If your gimbal occasionally sticks check the mounting of the small angled plate at the bottom rear of the mount plate as in the picture I just took of mine image

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That plate is a “last resort” plate … should you accidentally impact with something.

Without that plate, there’s nothing to prevent excessive movement, and excessive movement can very easily break the damper bands. Then, the only thing preventing your camera and gimbal going flying are their cables … that are not strong enough. So, chances are you lose the camera and gimbal.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to remove that plate. :wink:

Sorry did not mean to imply to remove it tired mind tonight, when I was scouring YouTube for answers to my gimbal seemingly resetting home position in high winds there is a video that shows if this plate gets bent slightly out of position it can catch the gimbal and cause it to stick in one position like the issue with some filters catching on the arm if that makes sense

Same - I slightly misread your post. Soz.

The screws for that are on the top side of the gimbal mounting plate, and to get to that one needs to completely remove the camera/gimbal.

Those screws arrowed. The other three screws are what holds that plate to the drone body, and have to be removed from inside … after removing bits.

The way it’s assembled, and from my experience replacing the MP Gimbal Mount … and Gimbal, I’d very much doubt that plate can be out of its correct position.

Edit: you can see here that that hooked plate is well set into the main gimbal plate, too. It’s VERY secure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I thought this question sounded familiar :slight_smile:

If DJI didn’t want you to remove it, they’d not have provided a handy tab for you to, er, remove it with :+1:t2:


I knew it had appeared before. LOL!