2018 Pano Challenge


Cwm Coke Works, Beddau, South Wales.
Don’t forget to look up.


Great entry @MementoMori :+1:t2:

Those chimneys could make a great tiny planet too :thinking:


Loving the logo at the top by the way :smiley:



Right, I’ve finally got this working! Entry 1 from me. This is Culham in Oxfordshire


That looks like it would make a superb 360, too.



That looks superb! :+1:


I’ve got to admit, I’m really pleased with how it came out


Finally managed to get out yesterday morning on a still bright morning. This is the sunrise from Emsworth Marina looking across to Thorney Island and Chichester Harbour.


My second panorama was taken about 30 minutes later than the one above, which was taken during the ‘Blue Hour’. This is looking down onto Emsworth Marina, a favourite place go mine - especially for ‘Golden Hour’ shots as it really picks out the yachts in the water. There were no clouds in the sky at this point, so I decided to focus on the water and leave the sky out of the picture.


Thanks for the entries Brian!! :smiley:


Just a quick reminder everyone :slight_smile:


Simply because I need to put in an entry and I havn’t had chance to get out what with work and weather and the silly season.

Mavic Pro, around 1800hrs, Friday 7 December, Costa Adeje in Tenerife (posted previosuly in its own thread)


Seen it on the other post… :+1:


wow… those panorama’s are amazing!


Just two more days to go before this challenge closes!

If you’re hanging on to a last minute entry, don’t wait too long :smiley:


View of Cardiff from Pontcanna Fields taken 27/12/2018 @ 14.27 hours


Thanks for another entry @MementoMori :+1:t2:

I like how you can play with the lens flare angles in that 360 :smiley:


That’s a feature in Kuula.