St Benets Norfolk


Went out early to catch the sun, setting off from home the car temp showed 2 degrees got to the destination it showed -6
I couldn’t feel my fingers after the first battery so had stop to try and warm up. NOTE TO SELF: Buy Gloves! It was good to get out and fly again.
A couple of stills, the video is going to take some time to edit

2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge
2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge
Photographic Order of Merit Gallery
Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

LOVE that middle photo @Paul_M :clap:t2:


Great to see your back in the air Paul.
Great set of photos, especially the middle one !.
Hope Willow is getting on fine !


Absolutely beautiful. Can I use the middle one as my screen saver please?


Thank guys, appreciate it. @Brian Of course mate help ya self

@chrisjohnbaker Willow is doing ok, it’s hard on her as she’s on a strict diet and no exercise as well as the pain she is still in from the operations. It’s a long road for her


Great shots Paul I like them all


Was a hell of a frost here in Norfolk this morning, shame I was at Heathrow on a drop off.
What time @Paul_M were your photos taken?.


We got there around 7:30, the top two were taken around 8:45


Just out of curiosity?, did you see the weak “No Drones” sign on the notice board (not that i would have taken any notice of it !)
@UnluckyTimmeh brought it to my attention ,when he was last there, a while back.


Yes your honour


as Frankie Howard would have said
“Nay, Titter, oh ere’ Missus”
Got to confess as i stood near the Bath Road perimeter fence waiting for my daughters plane to take off to Miami, i could see the attraction that a drone flyer would find ! (I was staying in the Park Inn, a matter of 300 yards from the fence)
I should add that ALL the drones were 140 miles away !!.
“Not me, Ma Lud !”, Honest ! .


I never saw noffin!! :crazy_face:
I am aware though, it belongs to Norfolk Archaeology Trust who don’t allow take off or landing on their land. It’s the same at Burgh Castle too, I’ve filmed there as well :speak_no_evil:


Nice colours in some super pics!


Looking forward to seeing the video now!


This one?

St Benets - Video



Congratulations @Paul_M !

The second photo in your first post has just been awarded a Photographic Order of Merit Gallery :clap:t2:

Very well done :+1:t2:


Thanks Rich mate, I am lost for words but extremely honoured mate, thank you.