5 in 5 January Challenge, Entries Only

Starting January 1st there will be a new challenge open for the month. This is a heads-up to give you members a chance to think about it, and to read the rules (Some of which might change)

Make 5 pictures of your surrounding area.
All must be within 5 miles of where you live.
At least one must be from a drone.
ALL drone pics must be from at least 100ft agl.
All other photography methods accepted.
No video
No 360 panos
No tiny planets
Editing is confined to colour correction, exposure and cropping.
No adding or removing of objects
If you live in a FRZ? Get permission
If you live just outside a FRZ? Get permission
All flights must be carried out in accordance with the CAA Drone Code
Please post all 5 or your photos in the one post, we want to get a feel for your area. That’s difficult if they’re scattered all over the place. Single posts will be removed.
Only one entry per member
And the last request, but not a requirement of entry. Please try to provide a simple map with your location and 10 mile circle highlighted with you in the middle. We don’t need your exact home point down to house level, be sensible, within 500 yards should be fine. But please mark where your 5 photos were taken and with what camera/drone/phone etc.


1 Tafos’ dogging spot, Polaroid instant, 4th Jan, 2:30am
2 Tafos’ peeping Tom spot, Nikon D5300, 500mm zoom lens 7th Jan 11:45pm
3 Tafos’ arrest spot, DJI Mini2 8th Jan 12:30am
4 Tafos’ unhealthy obsession with police station spot, DJI Mini2 19th Jan 2:45pm
5 Tafos’ unhealthy obsession with boring industrial estates spot, DJI Mini2, 20th Jan 3:30pm


This thread is for entries only, which of course can not be taken or posted until the 1st of January 2023.

Please use This Thread for any questions or discussion , thanks :+1:

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Hopefully, I’ve got this right :grimacing:

All photos have been taken today with the Mini 3 Pro at 100+ feet AGL within a 5 mile radius of home indicated by the red dot (a 250m circle).

[1] Cotswolds Water Park, Mini 3 Pro, 02/01/2023, 12:38

[2] Lydiard House, Mini 3 Pro, 02/01/2023, 13:25

[3] Chiseldon Windmill, Mini 3 Pro, 02/01/2023, 13:46

[4] Swindon & Cricklade Railway, Mini 3 Pro, 02/01/2023, 12:58

[5] GWR Railway Village, Mini 3 Pro, 02/01/2023, 15:05

Just wanted to say thanks to @Challenges_Committee for such a good idea. I always leave Swindon to go droning, but this comp has made me find out more about where I live :+1:

P.S. it’s still a dump though :smirk:


Good entry @clinkadink
I always leave Swindon to go droning, but this comp has made me find out more about where I live
And this part was the original intention

Five photos taken this month withing 5 miles of my home at FY5 4GU :slight_smile:

  1. Wyre Light.

DJI Air 2, Screencap from 4K60 video, taken 2 January at 14:00

Standing on the edge of the Lune Deep in Morecambe Bay, the sad remains of the first screw-pile lighthouse in the world to be lit, on 6th June 1840. Originally manned, over the years it has been damaged by fire and collision, automated in 1948, and was eventually replaced by a buoy in 1979. Non-entry pic below of its original form.
download (2)

  1. The Mount Pavilion, Fleetwood

DJI Air 2, 15 January at 17:49, cropped in VuePrint

Built in 1904, the current Pavilion stands atop a large sand hill located on the Esplanade at Fleetwood.

Looking vertically down on the Pavilion it and the surrounding path is illuminated by lights on the structure – the non entry pic below shows it from ground level

  1. Marsh Mill, Thornton-Cleveleys

DJI Mini 2, 7th January at 11:55

Marsh Mill is an 18th-century tower windmill in Thornton, Lancashire. It was built in 1794 and functioned as a corn mill until the 1920s. It has been fully restored and is a good example of a complete English windmill

  1. The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool

DJI Air 2, 18th January at 19:14

First opened in 1867, the Imperial Hotel is a large Victorian building which has hosted many notables including HM Queen Elizabeth II, Charles Dickens, and many politicians attending conferences in Blackpool.

  1. Warbreck Water Tower

DJI Mini 2, 15th January at 11:02

Visible for miles around, the water tower stands atop one of the few hills on the Fylde coast. Built in 1932 for the then Fylde Water Board, to serve the heavily residential areas of central Blackpool, it holds 114,000 cubic metres of water


5 in 5 Entry

Map showing locations of the 5 Images centered on my home marked with red x

Location 1
Waltham Windmill Taken 0922 5th jan 2023 DJI Mini3 Pro Minimum 100 ft height

Waltham Windmill- a six-sailed windmill located in the village of Waltham, five miles from Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire, it is one of very few windmills in the area renowned for having all six sails still in full working capacity. The first mill on this site was built in 1666 and was a trestle post mill . The location was well set on the Brigsley Road with good transport into Grimsby and out towards the farms of the Lincolnshire Wolds This mill was blown down in 1744, but soon replaced with another post mill to continue the job of the old. Unfortunately for the residents of the area, this one suffered a similar fate, being blown down in 1873.Construction of the one that stands today began in 1878

Location 2

Alexandra Dock Grimsby Car transporters Taken 1527 2nd Jan 2023 DJI Mini3 Pro minimum 100ft height min

The Port of Grimsby- is one of the UK’s leading automotive ports., importing around 500,000 vehicles each year and a major hub for the offshore wind industry.
Regular visitors are “KESS Shipping Isar Highway and Necker Highway. Each ship has a capacity of about 850 cars.
The ships“K Line European Sea Highway Services (KESS) is one of the major short sea carrier operators in Europe, transporting up to 1.0 million units a year.

Location 3

Cleethorpes Pier taken 0747 5th jan 2023 DJI Mini3 Pro Minimum 100 ft height

Cleethorpes Pier-. Opened in 1873 on August Bank Holiday, it originally cost £8,000 and was financed by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (later the Great Central Railway).
Originally 1,200 feet (370 m) in length to span the unusually large distance between low and high-tide limits, the pier comprised a timber deck and pavilion (constructed in 1888) supported on iron piles. A section was cut out of the pier during the Second World war to impede its use in any German invasion attempt.
Purchased by Papas Fish and Chip chain for an undisclosed fee in December 2016. It then re-opened in time for the 2017 season, when it claimed to be the largest fish and chip restaurant in the country.

Location 4

Havelock School Grimsby taken 0838 8th Jan 2023 DJI Mini3 Pro Min 100ft height

Havelock Academy - The plan of the main Academy building was be based on a five-pointed star. It was officially opened by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in March 2013.
. The star provides a link to the Academy’s logo and to their Sponsor’s logo and flag. It also links to the Grimsby fishing heritage through the starfish and the five-pointed star is used in some 20 national flags, reflecting the Academy’s international ambitions.

Location 5

Humberston Caravan Sites Taken 5th Jan 2023 0832

Humberston Various Caravan/chalets holiday parks Site on bottom left Haven Thorpe Park. Middle left Former Beachcomber Now Cleethorpes pearl Holiday Park Upper left Epperston Caravan park Between the caravan sites there are about 2,000 caravans. River Humber in top right Looking towards Cleethorpes .Grimsby in distance


  1. Lea Marston HS2 Depot. 2nd January 3pm, DJI Mini 3

  1. Kingsbury Water Park, 17th January 8:55am, Sony Alpha 7 IV

  1. The Tamworth Tap. Recently crowned as the best pub in the country by CAMRA. 15th January 3:20pm, Sony Alpha 7 IV.

  1. Tamworth Castle, 15th January 4:10pm, DJI Mini 3 Pro

  1. Silver Tree Bakery, Water Orton, 22nd Jan, 11am, iPhone 14 Pro.


My 5-in-5 photos, starting with the map. All photos unedited.

The map

  1. Morecambe FC, Mazuma Stadium. The training pitches at the back and the building at the top right corner of the ground (a gym) are owned by Tyson Fury. Mini 2.

  1. Ex-Reebok UK main warehouse, now home to several companies including Mazuma Mobile and their annoying radio jingle. Two small blobs on the horizon are nuclear power stations, their approximate NFZ is the white circle in the map. Mini 2.

  1. Oyster catchers keeping their legs out of water but staying as close to their food source as they can with the Lake District in the distance. Sony Rx100VII.

  1. The Eden North Hole. One day it should be the Eden Project’s new home in the north all about sea life. It used to be the site of the Super Swimming Stadium where MIss Great Britain was held. Then they built Bubbles which cost 3 times the repair cost of the SSS but the EU were throwing money away so cost to locals was less than a repair :sob: It survived a fraction of the time the SSS did. Mini 2.

  1. Hest Bank crossing with micropub immediately the other side of it. Closest the West Coast mainline gets to the sea. This was a Northern service to Barrow-in-Furness on a cold crisp morning. Mini 2.

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Here are my five entry photographs. All taken from the drone, Mavic 3 Classic. No alterations, straight from the card.

My first is the Iconic Transporter Bridge, lately she’s not being used for safety reasons.

Second is another bridge over the Tees, Newport Road bridge.

Third is Roseberry Topping, another local landmark. At 1,049 feet (320 m) high, it’s not the biggest, but is one of the most distinctive hills.

Forth is Teesside Autodrome. Primarily a Karting track but more recently used as a competition track for drifting. If you travel out of Middlesbrough on the A66, which runs alongside, when there is a competiton running, you can see and smell the rubber burning.

Lastly a photograph of a lovely village just close to the edge of my 5 mile radius and within sight is Roseberry Topping. Great Ayton, a real gem of a place.



That was fun, frustrating at times given the weather and the various NFZ in the area but certainly accomplished the goal of getting out in January.

1. Hawley lake
Mainly a sail training area popular for fishing and walking. The islands in the lake are home to a lot of wildlife.

2. Fleet pond

Fleet Pond, just a short distance from the town of Fleet, is the largest freshwater lake in Hampshire, and it is a popular spot for a variety of outdoor activities. The pond is home to a wide range of bird species, including swans, geese, and ducks, as well as kingfishers, herons, and cormorants.

Fleet itself is an Old English term, referring in some sense, to a stream. Fleet Pond was included within a gift of a large expanse of land bequeathed to the Old Monastery at Winchester in 940 AD, which included all of what is now Crookham and Hawley. This was taken with my DLSR from the top of the Fleet station car park, looking out over the pond.

3. Caesar’s Camp

This area is a fascinating historical site located in the Hampshire countryside, The site is believed to have been used by the Roman army as a temporary fortification during Julius Caesar’s invasions of Britain in the 1st century BC.

Today, the site of Caesar’s Camp is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and it is open to the public for visitors to explore. The site is situated on a hilltop, providing panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, and visitors can still see the earthworks that mark the outlines of the ancient fortifications.

Filming of scenes from the “House of the Dragon” took place in Sept 2021 in the forest area below the hill top.

This was the second “non-drone” photo, what you see in the middle/right of the pano is Farnborough Airport ( home of the Farnborough international air show every other year ) and on a clear day you can also see the Wembley Arch towards the far right of the photo from where this was taken, though it was only just visible on the 16th Jan.

4.Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is the highest point in the surrounding area, it’s a short walk to Caesar’s camp from the edge where I took this.

This is now looking out over the hills and valleys to the north west of Farnham which were covered in fog on the morning of the 21st. I’ve been looking out for an opportunity to go back and take more photos of this area.

5. Farnham Castle.

Farnham Castle is a stunning medieval castle located in the picturesque town of Farnham in Surrey, England. The castle has a rich history dating back to the 11th century, and it has played an important role in the history of the region.

The castle was originally built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, and it has since been expanded and rebuilt several times. The castle was used as a royal residence by King John and King Henry III, and it was also used as a prison during the 14th century.

The castle’s Great Hall is a highlight of the visit, with its large fireplace and impressive timber roof. The Castle Keep, an impressive tower dating back to the 12th century, offers stunning views over the town and the surrounding countryside.

Nice challenge.


Seems to be a few scrambling to get this one done this weekend!

1. Horsford Castle

Or rather, what was Horsford Castle. Had to get permission from Norwich ATC to fly (who as always were really friendly and accommodating). Horsford Castle was built on this site not long after the Norman Conquest and was in use until the 15th century. Now these earthworks are all that remain of the motte-and-bailey castle.

2. RAF Attlebridge

RAF Attlebridge was built in 1941, and originally conceived for use by RAF Bomber Command. It was designated for use by the US Air Force in 1942, and remained operational until 1950. Today it is home to a solar farm, wind turbines, and the runways have been given over to vast turkey sheds.

3. Hellesdon Railway Station

In use between 1882 and 1952, Hellesdon Railway Station was on the Midland and Great Northern Line which ran between Norwich City and King’s Lynn. The trackbed now forms Marriott’s Way - a popular route for walkers, runners, cyclists and equestrians. The platform was restored between 2017 and 2018 as part of the larger project to reflect the railway heritage of the route.

4. Great Witchingham Hall (Bernard Matthews)

In 1955 Bernard Matthews purchased this run-down Elizabethan property for £3,000 to house his turkey business. Matthews and his wife lived in the bedroom, and every other room in the house was occupied by turkeys. Turkeys were hatched in the dining room, reared in the bedrooms and eventually slaughtered in the kitchen. The site is still used by Bernard Matthews for offices today.

5. Lotus Training Centre (Norwich City FC Training Ground)

Although this location has served as Norwich City’s training ground since 1995, a brand new facility was opened on the site in Autumn 2021. The site is known as the Lotus Training Centre due to the partnership with car manufacturer Lotus, based in nearby Hethel.

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