Altitude Angel Drone Assist - New Version

Manchester Airport haven’t

In fact none of my local airports are ready :grinning:

I notice Altitude Angel have not updated the “Coverdrone” white labelled version of the app (yet).

They’re still rocking the 2.6 / 5 star rating on their clone version:

I think I applied via a link in the App itself. The beta version is still live though…

Hi. I have just checked and it’s available today. I have just down loaded it. Cheers for your reply.
Regards Gary.

I emailed Altitude Angel yesterday about the app not remembering my display preferences and they have given a reply saying “ Yes, the app should remember your preferences and our devs are working on a solution”
We shall see :wink:

Off topic, but I cannot see Dronescene in the Apple app store and would like to try it. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

It’s a web app …

Ha, that explains it then. Thankyou!

Platform neutral and when an update is announced, it’s there straight away :grin:

Agree with the not remembering settings bit. Even worse it doesnt remember it during the same session if you go to look at another part of the map for example. Wonder if its a bug.

I sent an email to Altitude Angel re the map layer settings… they are aware… see response below:

Thank You for your email - we are aware of this issue and we are working on an update which will be out shortly to retain the map layer settings within the APP.

It should hopefully be released very soon.


Team Altitude Angel

Dronescene has no such issues ;o)


So for the first time I uploaded my flight plan this afternoon via Dronescene and my flight clearly showed as recreational.

Drone Assist still shows as commercial so clearly their recent update hasn’t sorted issues.

Me thinks I’ll be sticking to DS in future. :wink:

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If you’re having speed issues with Dronescene on your phone try turning off any extensions you’ve got enabled in the browser.

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And also only have the layers on you know you will need.

If a particular layer is slowing it down, feed that back and it will be looked at


Well I now have the new version of Drone Assist, well it’s a lot slower than the old version, and the main feature I wanted it for UTM is no use to me, as despite the website saying Southend is UTM ready, the app says it isn’t. So emailing forms at least 6 days in advance is the way it’s going to continue. :face_exhaling:
Looks like I’ll be using Drone Scene in future, as that is now quicker than Drone Assist.

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I did wave at you :grinning:

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Noticed by accident Swansea airport supports it.
No idea if they ACTUALLY support it in reality though. Might try a request to see what happens.

Playing with the new version and a lot of the issues with the beta have gone (the bug where it was impossible to submit a flight plan at times at the pilot ID stage etc).

It now defaults to more sensible displayed filters (previous versions added too much and confused people.

The flight plan submission seems fine and importantly for me, the airspace traffic notifications still work.

Seems pretty decent. Not a huge improvement but not really any worse.

UTM really isn’t a thing in the UK so not sure how useful that’ll be yet.