Best soldering iron and/or station

Hi guys I think this has been covered before but can’t find it in search what’s the best soldering iron to use and what’s the best tip

This thread, somewhere.

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It all depends on what your primary use will be. I have different irons for different jobs, from small surface mount components to solid copper RF cables. I know the T1000 (?) is very popular with many on this forum.


Ts100 is my go to iron for nearly everything. The stock tip struggles with bigger wires

Hi Nidge where do I buy one and how much

They’re available from most of the usual places such as Amazon, HobbyRC, Banggood, eBay. I would wait for more recommendations before you pull the trigger as the T100s isn’t an iron I’ve had any personal experience with.



I have spent years soldering components ,Most in a paid job and the rest unpaid . I always used a variable temp station with various tips .
Get a decent Variable temp iron .
If it’s just everyday soldering you want then try a 35w iron .


I got this from aldi for about a tenner a while back. 60watt and variable temperature. Still going strong.
The tips where pretty naff, but banggood does some that fit. They were £2 but about £7 now. The tips are plated copper and pure copper for those big fat ground pads.
aldi Capture


Thanks guys for all your feedback great advice as always




I think that’s what Hobbyking use to solder XT60’s onto their Turnigy Batteries with.


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That’s a fine piece of equipment there Robert bet you use a few rolls of solder :joy::joy::joy:

That’s why I fly around old buildings. To spot the lead roofs …


Hi all.
I’m looking for a good soldering workstation. Enough wattage for the gnd pads on a flight controller and a nice heat gun?
Preferably with lots of gummings and cheap, good replaceable tips.

Moved your post to the previous similar thread.

Cheers. But I was looking after a soldering station.

I use a TS100 for all my soldering :+1:t2:

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Pinecil meant to be a great “clone” of it. Don’t have one myself

Sorry admin folks. I posted this in the FPV thread on purpose. Why? Because the FPV guys solder stuff up all the time, so I was guessing they would know best, and of course it would be the best place to get a good response? Now it’s stuck in questions and answers, where the very people that will have the answer might not lurk, and therefore not see the question? But cheers for tidying the thread :+1:

Another vote for the TS100.
Got mine on Deano’s recommendation a couple of years ago now and it’s solid.

Think I got mine from unmanned tech