Best tablet

What would you recommend as a good tablet ? I got a mediatec 10 inch screen. It will run dji go4 but I have no video. Also it will not run aero ranger. Was looking at the lenovo 10 inch in argos for about £100. But want to know if it will run both apps. Or what about ipad. ??

There have been some similar threads on this ….

Tablet just for Drone

What android tablet are your guys using

iPad works fine, have used iPad Air, iPad Pro10.5 and iPad Mini 4, all work perfectly well running app, but the screen brightness is an issue. The only way round this is a monitor hood.

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… or a Crystal Sky monitor (though not strictly a tablet), though no personal experience.

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iPad Air here

Does it run aero ranger??

Aero Ranger is only available on Android currently.
So no, not available on iOS.
See response from Aero Ranger below.

App development started with Android and we have chosen to focus on that platform currently, to bring the most complete experience to one platform before expanding to iOS. We are a small company so need to manage our development efforts carefully.

iOS development is currently at a very early planning stage. We do not expect to release an iOS version of the drone app until late 2018.

A version of the simpler, ground based, Aero Ranger X app is in development now and should be released during H1 2018.

We will update this topic if and when things change.


Hence why I hadn’t heard of Aero Ranger

I have used:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 with a tablet mount
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, fits into the bit where the phone fits. No mount needed
  3. Apple iPad Mini 4, just slot it into where the phone fits, no mount needed. All 3 worked great.

I have also tried the iPad Pro 10.5 with a mount but found that to be heavy with the controller in my hand. My best option is the iPad mini 4.

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Just to confirm. I purchased the 10 inch lenovo. Dji 04 looks like it will run. I had it running with the mavic on the table in the house and the video looked fine. Aero ranger run but video was a bit poor. Will have to look into that. Thanks for the input people.


Thanks for the update.

What kind of price was the Lenovo?


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Oh and £20 for a SanDisk 64 gig card from amazon.


Djigo4 lags a bit and aero ranger is poor. Video all blocky. May need a faster usb cable or look in to settings.

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Do you have another Android device you can compare it with?

Dji go4 works fine on my s7 edge. And aero ranger will not find the drone.

Is there anything specific about Aero Ranger that you need that Litchi doesn’t support?

I know Litchi isn’t free - but it’s something I find to be very reliable/stable - and even my reluctance to pay for apps was won over.

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Time lapse hyper lapse.

Whilst they don’t appear in Litchi as a specific functions, you can combine interval photos with a mission to achieve exactly the same thing.

OK - it doesn’t create a video in one click, but creating the timelapse/hyperlapse from the stills using a video editor, or an app on the Android device, is pretty simple.

But Litchi gives the essential smooth movement that’s needed for either.

Hi i picked up a 2nd hand sony experia tablet,never had a single issue with it with my mavic also has a screen record but i dont use that much,having said that i just use my galaxy s6 now with my dji goggles.:+1: