Tablet just for Drone

Sorry guys quick question, I’m looking at getting a tablet just for use with my new Mavic Air.
Any recommendations for both tab and holder to go with the remote control.

Hi Kevin, check out these recent threads as a starter for ten :slight_smile:

There may be more :blush:

My next door Neighbour has an 8 “ Lenovo tablet , John Lewis do both 7”and 8 “ , 8” site centre on the holders but not the 7”

Best one I found was acer iconia tab 8 frim argos

I have just purchased a Lenovo Tab 4 HD 8” specifically for the Mavic Pro to go into a holder attached to the controller. I wanted something a bit smaller than my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone X has a protective case that is just too thick for the controller grips. Not flown with this combo yet, hopefully next week, but first impressions are favourable.

I bought a 10" Acer Iconia One Tab B3-A40FHD I think it’s called.

Only £113 and 2gb ram, 64gb storage and great screen res

And this mount:

I ended up getting the Lenovo 7” tablet , does the job, had to do some alterations to the holder as it will not hold on wide only on sides making the tablet off centre to controller.

Does a tab for use with the Mavic Pro need GPS? if so any suggestions for an 8" tab.

It doesn’t need it, nope.
The only two things device GPS is really needed for are …
a) distance the drone is from you, and
b) changing the home point for RTH if you move … walking as you fly, or flying from a boat, etc.

At least … those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. :wink:

Thanks for your reply. This afternoon I tried to fly with the 8" tab I got but when starting the DJI app, it just said the app is closing so I couldn’t get it to work. I’m going to get it to work in the garden tomorrow. The tab I have is an 8" Tesco Hudl, I’m having trouble charging it, it takes hours, and if you have it on using a low battery use app the battery goes down rather than up as is the case with anyother mobile device I have ever used, so I think I’m going to send it back and get something else.