Cheap batteries and charge during camping

Hi all.

Before going to charging question:

Just got two batteries delivered from Toby deals for £111. No tax, no issues and genuine stuff. So if anyone is after cheap batteries this seller is alright.

Hopefully you can help me decide what to do with charging when no electricity is available.
This is my opinions:

  1. I have car inverter, it charges from normal charger but not sure how many charges it can give me before flattening my battery?

  2. AC Power Bank with build in inverter 42000mah.

  3. Leisure battery, heavy and cumbersome.

I’m thinking to go camping for a week and would like to be ready with batteries, what are you doing in this circumstances, or maybe there is more options?

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Peter,

There were a few threads on this very subject recently :slight_smile:

Check these out for some more ideas:

It’s entirely possible that more batteries are the cheaper solution?

Also, you could add this to the list:

  1. A 12v Mavic Pro car charger

It’ll still drain the car battery eventually but it must be a more efficient method than an invertor.

The spare leisure battery might not be a bad idea, you don’t have to remove it from the car to use it, leave it in the boot or footwell?

Thanks, “research before asking” should happen here.

I’ll definitely go through this topics, thank you.

Anyways, I did a lot of flying this weekend and got to say that mavic is a fantastic drone to have.



My camping solution would be to only book a campsite with a beefy electric hookup point!

I really like the look of the power station for the Mavic Pro but it’s big bucks.

What about something like this :

I think on ebay it goes for about £100?

Electric hook up is best solution but not always available and my idea of camping is to remove myself from always on electricity ( ironically :smirk:).