Cheer me up - New member from Kent


New member hi just joined getting a bit disheartened got a new spark and bit nervous to take the bloody thing out because of the crap we get any one cheer me up lol


Loads of places where you never need bump into another soul.

Oh and welcome.


Hi @Daiel,
I have been flying these things since the early days of our hobby, i do not claim to know everything, but enough for what I need.
Do not be hasty in getting your drone out and about, that can lead to crash’s.
Look up and read as much as you can from YouTube, it can be invaluable on your journey.
You will find a lot of very useful information in our Members Only section under GADC Members Information Pack.
Loads to read, a lot of info to take in,but, will hold you in good stead for your first real flights.
You may want to print out several of the documents and keep in your flight bag, you never know when you may want them!.
And a Big Welcome to the Friendliest Drone Club in the UK.
Please don’t get disheartened by all the media coverage, things will settle down, and we can alll start to get back to our normal activities.
Don’t forget to add yourself to our Members map.
Most importantly please ask questions, no matter how trivial.
This Forum is a mine of Information, it’s members love to answer, if we can.


Hi Daniel and welcome to Grey Arrows!

There’s a few funnies in this thread: Drone jokes & memes



Yep you lot have have cheered me up seem like a great bunch I am looking forward to being a member thanks guys :ok_hand::grinning:


. Thanks for your replies I really appreciate them looking forward to be a member they cheered me up lol :ok_hand::grinning:


My wife tells me I keep repeating myself I did not believe her


(Not so great in the winter), but I get out there as early as possible in the summer. Great dawn light, mist if youre lucky and no peeps with attitude!


Tom’s right, Winter is a bum time of year, until, you get up, the sun is shining, wind is none existent, the ground is covered with frost or snow.
You drone is charged, it’s dawn, the days of golden sunrises.
What more could you ask for!.
Take every opportunity you can ,usually very early morning, or, just before it gets dark, are great times to fly, and usually the qieutest in respect of people.
Having Apps installed on your Phone can be of great help too, in giving you information about the area you are flying in.


Hello and welcome @Daiel
Where in the country are you?
Perhaps you could meet up with someone to help you start off.


That would be great I live in Kent next to brands Hatch I am OK with travelling I like new places thanks


Hi Daniel,

I also have a Spark - I’d not worry too much about public reaction to you flying it in the local park - most people assume it’s a toy as it’s so small :wink:


Thanks again for the advice means allot :blush:


Hi dan welcome to this madhouse


Have you checked out the members map?
I’m a bit far away in South Wales otherwise I’d help you out.


Hi Daniel / @daiel, and welcome to GADC!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members which includes most active members - and you’ll be able to see who else is in your neck of the woods.

And please do add yourself to the map too map: Members’ Location Map - A Guide


Welcome Dale. It’s a great club. And don’t be afraid to fly. It’s nobodies business except yours if anyone chalkenges you as long as you are within the drone code.


Who’s Dale Brian? :rofl:


I’ve had a cold bottle of suds and put the wrong glasses on, at least I got ‘in the ball park’ with the spelling. Lol


That’s it only post when your sober which isn’t ideal at this time of year