DJI GO4 phone compatibility list for UK flyers?

I’ve given up trying to get an android tablet that works well and consistently with GO4 and gone back to my iPhone X for the moment but I was wondering if there was some way we could get a compatibility list together of what android devices UK flyers use with their drones. IOS devices seem to be mainly ok after the iPhone 6.

I know that there’s a couple of lists that are kicking around but these are for North America where the they have many different phone models that are not sold over here and many same models which have different names in the UK.

The whole thing’s really confusing so I was wondering we could just have a list of models that people are using for flying in the UK along with any issues associated with that model.

May be of help to someone looking to get a new phone etc.

Anyway, just an idea…

Sounds like a good plan Homer
I’m afraid it’s Apple for me 7s and iPad Pro and standard size too (it’s the wife’s but she lets me use it)

Samsung S9 with Andoid for my Air. Only flown a couple of hours but all good thus far. I am considering something bigger though.

Wileyfox Storm (4 different ones) - used as my dedicated drone-phone since Nov 16 - never had a single issue, but being a dedicated phone it’s always in airplane mode and, whilst most of my usual apps are installed (emergency phone if I lost my main one) almost none are configured to keep background processor use at almost zero.

Used my Wileyfox Swift 2x phone-phone a couple of times - no issues - screen a little smaller than Storm, but nice and bright.

iPad Mini 4 No issues
iPhone X No issues
iPad Pro 10.5 No Issues
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4” No issues
Samsung S7 Edge No issues

All of the above were using the latest version of Go4 app at the time and the latest iOS or android version.

For me, it’s more about getting something with a reasonably bright screen, big enough so that I can see it

At the moment my setup is M2P with iPad Pro 10.5 on Skyreat mount.
I hate the fact that the iPad is in front of the rc and hides it.
Does anyone have a good solid mount for an iPad 10.5 that fits above the rc?

Huawei Mate 9 works well with my Mavic Air.

iPhone XS works with Mavic Pro.

Have used my Galaxy S9+ with a Mavic 2 Pro successfully.

Here’s mine

iPhone 6s Plus OK but some cpu overload issues sometimes
iPhone 7, all ok
iPhone X, all ok
iPad Pro 10.5 all ok

Nexus 6 tablet, lots of screen tearing and connectivity issues

Also forgot

iPad Pro 12.9 2018, all fine but honestly wouldn’t recommend it! It’s like attaching a TV to the controller and staggering around a muddy field with it.


Huawei P20 Pro is all good

Perhaps we should have an “Incompatibility List”? :wink:


It might be shorter :slight_smile:


I’ve used an iPhone 6s and noticed the battery heats up when flying, three MP batteries. Causes the phone to crash some times.

I’m currently using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (4GB RAM version). No problems at all with this device.

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My friend loaned me a Huawei Y6 and it’s not working well. Screen goes black occasionally and GO4 crashes out. Guess 2gb RAM and quad core cpu isn’t enough to run it. Tested on my Mavic 2 Pro…

I have a Samsung S8+ no problem so far with connectivity, its just quite big for the controller to hold in place.

I have a Huawei S6 2018 and it is not compatible! DJI told me so! I use ipad mini

Do you not need to be online for the maps, etc?

I don’t bother with them - I know where I am and I know where my drone is and which way it’s facing … all that is there without the map data.

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And if you want to set waypoints, etc i guess thats with the GPS, but how do you set them without connectivity?