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Should add, I did a couple of panoramas yesterday afternoon which are still on the 100Media folder.

My DCIM has two folder - 100MEDIA and PANORAMA

Strange, do you have the RC of N1 controller, not sure if that would make any difference. Also, I am usually shooting in 48MP.


That folder also existed on the Mini 2

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Definitely had it when I had my mini 2 :man_shrugging:

Been mentioned a few times in this thread @paulbags pull up a chair and scroll up ;o)



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Again, no, love my RC, struggling to see why some don’t like it though?
For what it does it is great


Confused by what @paulbags said :joy:

I wonder if DJI will speed up how long it takes to take a 48MP photo, thoughts?

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Takes time to make those pixels up.

Shoot in 12 and do the upscale yourself in post :wink:


Ah can you upscale in post?

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@milkmanchris what software do you use for post for your still photos?

Been a Photoshop user for about 30 years, but with their pricing structure as it is I am more and more using Affinty

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I used to have the photographer subscription with photoshop and lightroom, then I started working with video and switched to Cyberlink powerdirector 365 ultimate for the same price, but much better value.


I seen that this drone comes with the new smart R/C
But can you purchase this Drone without the new R/C
Like the controller that with the Mavic Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2s. ?? Steve .

Yes. If I’ve done it correctly, this Amazon link has DJI Mini 3 Pro with the RC-N1 controller (the one without the screen). Cheaper than with the other controller. Other drone vendors are available (as they say on BBC).

Can also buy standalone without any controller if you already own one


Probably only in the USA as will take it over 250g

Can’t see anything sold over here or in Europe.

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