Flying in the EU

Am looking at possibility of flying Air 2S in Eire and it looks like their authorities want to charge €30 to register the drone and another €30 for licence! Any advice / options (legal one only…) that avoids the need to spend €60? For example using my CAA licence or cheaper registering in another European country?

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I was led to believe it was 5 euros registration.


@milkmanchris hi thanks for getting back to me despite similar questions being posted in the past. I have attached screen shots of what I am being asked to pay. So welcome anyone pointing out that I have done something wrong at my end; especially if it saves me 55 euros!

Uploading: IMG_4217.jpeg…

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Cant see the URL , whats the website?

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@milkmanchris it is IAA using their Myers login.

I see, probably changed their pricing policy then ;o(

Your CAA licence will not cover you in Eire, but any other EU country’s will.


Have tried to register using the Netherlands link; await their email response to allow me to take advantage of their scheme unless of course that has changed. will let you know. Cheers.

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If you register with the Cyprus authorities it is €15 for flyer ID and €15 for operator ID, and the registration/exam is available in English.

Thats what I payed for EU Ireland Regstratoon. Rip off I know but was easy to do. I recall seeing advise on other EU countries that had the registration in English at a much cheaper cost after I had done the deed. :roll_eyes:

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Just read the FAQs on the Irish page. Looks to me as if a UK resident registering in another EU country (ie not in Ireland) may not be allowed to fly in Ireland. Personally I would use my French registration (free to register) and plead ignorance in the unlikely event of being stopped in Ireland.
So much for EASA rules. EU countries are just making their own up it seems.

26. Do I need to register as an operator in Ireland if I am already registered as a drone operator in another EU country?

Not if you are already registered with the Civil Aviation Authority in your country of primary residence. However, you do need do apply for cross border operations if you wish to conduct operations in Ireland.

27. Can I register my drone in another EU state and operate in Ireland?

You may operate your drone within Ireland if it is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of another EU state. Drone operators must register with the Civil Aviation Authority in their country of primary residence.

Some more information on flying in ROI can be found here:

I registered as an operator and owner on the Irish site, took my test etc, so I could fly in the EU. I wanted it for Finland, Norway and Austria.

Me too but for Italy. Didn’t bother with the cross border thing to be honest. Cant speak french so no use to me unless site in english?

The French test and registration can be done in English. Very straightforward and free.

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Its all a bit pish. I just spent a week in Germany with work, couldnt be arsed with the dicking about so left the drine at home, maybe next time?

I have the same as you your I’d lux is birthday plus letters is this suffice to fly

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Thanks for feedback. I have completed the process for the Irish Authorities except for the last step of paying them 60 Euros!. I followed the link at the beginning of this thread and completed the Luxembourg exam and have A1/A3 licence at zero cost; but struggling to get a way round not being a resident to get the operator licence for the drone. May have to bite the bullet and register it with Eire authorities

Will have a look thanks.