Flying in the EU

I recently done my test/application through the same place that Budgie has linked to, no passport required. Just checked and there is availability for the next three months, and as said above, it is free

Hi, I’ve just done the Irish route to get an Operator ID for my trip to Switzerland this summer. I uploaded a copy of the details page of the passport, and submitted the whole application. They say it takes 7-10 days to process and no mention of a fee yet…

My drone is sub 250g and I’m assuming that, as with the UK, I won’t need a flyer ID.


The way i interpret the rules you do need a flyer id and must have it with you available inspection by the authorities.

Hi Edison, the EU rules seem somewhat confusing, but I have found this table in the EU guidance which seems to suggest that all you have to do in terms of pilot qualification is to read the owner’s manual if the drone is less than 250g. I have not yet looked at the Swiss website to see whether they insist on additional registration/tests beyond the EU guidance. Obviously Operator registration is required. I will print out the EU guidance just in case anyone challenges me while I’m out in the Swiss Alps.

They weren’t exactly quick to send me mine. Cost me 25 Euro but the Op ID lasted 2 yrs! If I recall correctly I also had to pay for a flyer ID, They are rip off merchants TBH and I found out too late that you can get same service for free from other States and in English too. :cry: We live and learn!

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In the end I registered in France. Gave up on Ireland and Switzerland. Very easy - website in English, no fee, no insurance needed and the Operator ID is valid for 5 years. Valid throughout the EU as well as Iceland, Switzerland and Norway.

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I have just registered for the Polish one too.
Once approved, do they send a link for the exam?
What should I expect next please? Do I even need to do exam if my drone is less than 250 Grams?
This whole thing is a minefield ! I am going to Rhodes and just want a few flights to put on my videos !

I still cannot work out how to do the registration! please help!
And can anyone confirm I do not need to do the 40 question exam if drone under 250 grams. This is baffling me and so frustrating!!

Using the site I referred to above, they have a catalogue that visible to anyone… this is the course:

Once you are logged in, on the home page you should see:

That’s the course you need to complete, and then at the end you get your certificate.

Thanks Budgie, so to clarify, everyone must do the exam, even if flying a drone <250 gram?
Thanks again

That’s my understanding.

I think its the same as here in the UK, if the drone is sub 250g, is not a toy but does have a camera, then you need a flyer ID.
This is from the CAA web site

Yes I see what you mean, so I do the course and get the cert and that’s it?

I have never been to Rhodes, so I dont know… you will need to check the local regulations, but at least this Flyer ID is valid in any EU country :slight_smile:

Each country have their own rules on top.

Portugal for example expect you to register with them and gain permission for every flight. Not aware that has changed in the last year or so.

Many do not allow flying at night and several do not allow you to fly over property.

In the UK we have few restrictions compared to parts of the EU.

Don’t assume other countries are as relaxed.

Hi !!
I just did this course and passed, does it means I can fly in Europe? do I need any other flyer ID or any other registration?
As here we need to register and pay and have both registrations I am a bit worried I missed something :slight_smile:

If flying a drone with a camera you must Register for an Op ID and in the EU under EASA Regulations you must also pass the Flyer exam.

Taking the course before the exam explains all of the above.

It is virtually the same in the UK under CAA Regulations in that if you have a sub 250g drone you must first have an Op ID and display it on the drone. You dont need a Flyer ID but you might as well do the course and exam as it’s free and gives you more info.

Flying the drone without these things is illegal and can get you into some serious sh*t!

The courses and exams are not difficult and the process is relatively simple.

There are litterally 100s of YouTube videos on this subject but watch this guys and you’ll be clued up.

Good luck.

Look up the country your flying in and see what their Rules are. They will be broadly the same as EASA but may have further restrictions like cant fly at night etc.

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For anyone wishing to fly their drone outside of the UK this maybe of help. I saved the link from another GADC member so it might be somewhere further up this thread but heyho!
Drones Across the World – Simple Book Publishing)

Depends on the country; there is a charge in Cyprus but it is valid for 3 years.

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@Edison Absolutely, but I was referring to the CAA rules not EASA (which does require a Flyer ID which I had to pay for through the IAA and found out later there are free alternatives… Doh!). Sorry if I caused any confusion though. :+1:

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I wouldn’t rely upon this.

Having checked a couple of European countries, they appear to just list EASA rules and do not have local rules.

Many countries still have their own rules and some are very restricted, for example no night flying and no flying over private property without permission and needing to be a certain distance from other property etc.