FPV Freestyle Enthusiast from Ruislip, West London

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

I’m thrilled to have discovered the GADC community a few months ago and have picked up a lot from reading numerous posts. I’m a relatively new drone pilot living in the Ruislip area of West London and I’ve recently rekindled my excitement (or perhaps, obsession) for drones since April 2023.

About seven years ago, I delved into FPV with an ImmersionRC Vortex Mini 150, but life’s demands meant it was short-lived fun. Now, armed with my Operator and Flyer IDs, I’m back in the skies, flying under Article 16 with my (not-so-lucky) partner as my trusty spotter! I’ve also been doing a fair amount of simulator practice.

My fleet includes the Vortex 150 (it’s hanging in there), a GEPRC MARK5 O3 HD, a DJI M3P, and a Mobula7 for indoor shenanigans. While I love them all, FPV freestyle is where my true joy lies, with the M3P reserved mostly for travel adventures.

Living in close proximity to RAF Northolt, Heathrow Airport and other aerodromes presents challenges in finding suitable flying spots. The Vortex and MARK5 are also above 250 grams, so space is key! If anyone has suggestions for nearby locations or is up for a meet-up when the weather allows, I’m all ears!

In the coming months, I’m gearing up for my first build, contemplating a 3 to 3.5 inch sub-250 creation. This would be a new frontier for me, so I suspect I’ll be posting about it soon to get some advice from the community.

Looking forward to connecting with some like-minded people here.



Hi @Spondes and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Hi Kyri @Spondes and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

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Hi @Spondes Kyri welcome to the madhouse, you’ll love it here for sure. Why not add a vlog of your FPV Build as a new topic in one of the cat’s so we can see your progress, anguish and delights as you go along. :+1:


Nice quad!

There are a few FPV’ers here. I also had a few FPV quads and a mavic.

We love build threads in Racing Quads, Self-builds & FPV - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK Everyone picks up tips.

A few being sketched out, one near Portsmouth. I plan to set-up some more in South-East London. South East England Meet-up | Sunday 22rd Oct | Knockholt



Welcome to the forum!

It’s great to hear that you have rekindled the obsession and found our forum.

We have a fairly active and growing @group-fpv here with some very experienced members both on the technical side and the flying side too.

I know some of the southern members meet fairly frequently and we have an active group both in the midlands and northern england who meet every month or two.

We also have our annual Big Meet - What happens at the big meet stays at the big meet - #72 by Sparkyws
Which is something i’d definately try to get to if the dates work!

Enjoy the forum and looking forward to seeing more posts.


Hi Kyri - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes and tips already!

This isn’t a bad shout, even if just for the entertainment of seeing my frustration and bad soldering skills, haha!

I absolutely love it. I just wish there were more accessible flying spots suitable for it. This is partly why I’m considering trying to build a sub-250 3.5" freestyle alternative.

Nice! I will keep an eye out for meet-ups, thanks! :grinning:

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve joined the FPV group. I’ll be sure to checkout some threads in the Racing Quads, Self-builds & FPV and will keep an eye out for the various events/meet-ups!

Thanks all - have a good Thursday :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome @Spondes!

I was umming and arriving over getting the GEPRC Mark5; hopefully catch you at a meetup and we can compare (got an iFlight Evoque F6D on order and half built 5" Volador in the making)!

There is…? Did I miss a thread? Happy to travel up to Knockholt again, even happier if you’re looking to sort something more my way! :smile:

@macspite suggested.

Tesco supermarket nearby for food.
Looks like I may be hosting a meet once I’m pronounced fit to drive!

I would go to either.

Knockholt - I’ll maybe put a poll up later - weather crap at the moment. How much notice do you need (as you have to travel a looooong way?

Ah, this might also be of use:

Not sure if that’s accessible for you, @Spondes? (apologies for hijacking your welcome but hopefully you get a meetup out of it! :sweat_smile: )

If it’s on a weekend, for me, a couple days notice? Anything more than that is fairly easy; for weekdays maybe a week’s notice - having to burn through unspent holiday at work so got a week off per month til April so going to do some research into the correct way to pray to the sun gods for weather while I’m off! Weekend preferable still though :pray:

Wait, when’s the SE meet? I also didn’t see one coming up… and that thread from OCT - I don’t’ see a date?

Waiting for the weather. Long term forecast not good.

I very nearly bought the Evoque F6 instead of the Mark5. They seemed equally good based on all the reviews and videos I watched but something just drew me to the Mark5 in the end.

I just read your thread Advice for first Self-Build (5”) about preparing for your Volador build - how’s that going? Reading through has just made me more eager to get my first build going!

No worries at all! It’s probs a 1.5-2 hour drive. Not tooo bad so potentially up for that depending on how solid the weather forecast is at the time.