Getting close with drone

Hi guys I’m really interested in getting a dji mini 2 as my first drone. However what puts me off are the distance rules of 50 metres etc.
How can you get really great video when you can’t get close to your subjects (buildings etc).

I take it all the excellent videos I’ve seen on youtube are actually illegal?

Thanks for any feedback.

Or zoomed in :wink:


As @milkmanchris said all my videos are “zoomed in” :wink:


Just wait till the 1st January 2021. You’ll not need to worry about those distances with the mini then :+1:

Other than the nfz, 400ft agl bits

Hi what’s changing then. I’ve not heard anything other than you have to register and take a test which costs £9?

Hi, check out this thread EASA and the UK! - #220 by Jhdee

Not with the Mavic mini and others that don’t have zoom capability’s

Note the “:wink::+1:t2:

Ken Burns ;o)

Thanks I’ve had a look at that and the CAA. So am I correct in thinking that with this drone there are no 50 mtr rules now (from Dec 31) only the 400 ft one?

See diagram here, based on what the CAA have said. Both the MM and the Mini 2 can fly in subcategory A1. No 50m rule, but your flight still must be safe and not violate any other laws (privacy etc).

Thanks very much for that. Good news

Sorry where’s the diagram :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The DJI Mini 2 has a zoom which depends on which format you’re shooting in for strength.

Mini 2 has a zoom.

“C0 (toys) are toys that have a MTOM of no more than 250g.

are less than 250g maximum take-off mass

are unable to be flown more than 120m (400ft) from the controlling device”

THE UNABLE to be flown more than 400ft bit is a bit ambiguous. Yes you can limit it to that range and yes it is able to fly further than 400ft :joy:

Digital zoom though, might as well crop in post


Probably find the C0 ‘toys’ will have the limits built in when they arrive

Sorry missing link to diagram above:

Am I correct in thinking now that if I buy a dji mini 2 I don’t have to register and take the test and pay £9 to the caa.