Hampshire meet up - are you interested?


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is that a priv msg 121 or does it add it as a post on here ?




I’m still contemplating Night-Flight + Burger @ Portsdown Hill / Mick’s Monster Burgers tomorrow - around sunset.


@Longstride @scorps

Will make final decision around midday tomorrow.


Let me know I will check midday :grin:


@scorps @Longstride

I’ll be in the burger van car park from about 4pm.

… and anyone else that wants to pop along.


I’ll be there Dave.


Thanks to @BrianB, @Longstride and @scorps for popping along this evening. :+1:

Sorry I couldn’t arrange slightly warmer weather. I noticed all the road/M27 had been gritted by the time I left.


So that’s a Socialite badge for @BrianB, @Longstride and @scorps - and the Facilitator badge for me! Yay!!! :+1:


Pictures posted here

Hallo from Hampshire!

And I didn’t manage to get a picture of the gritter for the winter challenge! :smile:


LOL! I never even thought of that.
A bit colder and I would have passed as a snowman … but never an angel - snow or otherwise. :wink:


Love the red light on the blades!

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I am very interested thsnks


Pop over to the other thread : Hampshire meet - Saturday 23rd February 2019 : if you think you could make it next Saturday. :+1: