Hangar 360

hi just seen some great 360 pano pictures on here and was wandering if anyone can tell me anything about this hangar 360 software.

Others that have used it can provide more info - but it is iOS only, and they’ve confirmed they have no intention to release on Android. This is my reason for not using.

It’s a good app.

I can take a few pano’s when out. It then asks to download images to device. Then uploads to Hangars server for processing. By the time I get home they are ready to view.
Doing it manually would take up an hour or 2.

You waive all rights to the image. It now belongs to Hangar. Not so much an issue if you don’t have Pfco as you can’t sell them anyway.
I’d be pretty annoyed though if in the future I seen my image used with no mention of myself.

There is nothing on Hangars site to say who took the shot. You can’t watermark or add your name. You can’t have a profile or gallery to show off your work.

Also what if Hanger call it a day, are the pano’s lost forever?

I’m currently looking into other options like Dave @OzoneVibe

Then you need more practice! :wink:

But, yes, manually takes time, and a laptop - Hangar is what I’ll need before my Dolomites trek next year, for certain. #NoAddedWeight :+1: … even though I’ll be selling my soul the computing :imp:! LOL!

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Thanks for that Callum
So you dont actualy get to download the image and keep it , its only on the hangar cloud

It’s only on the hangar cloud. You get a link to view it but that’s it.
No profile page to share or anything like that.

When you take a pano, as well as uploading the images to Hangar cloud you do still have the originals on your SD. You could then use stitching software like ICE to make your own copy and upload somewhere like Kuula. I’ve saved all the group’s of images on a hard drive in case I want to stitch in future.

I’m probably giving mixed signals about Hangar. I’m not really sure what to think of it.

I like how easy it is, love the quality but a bit concerned about giving away rights to an image I took and not sure what Hangar intend to do with them in future.

It’s definitely worth trying though.

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I get where your coming from with it , basicly they are just gaining photography from anyone who ownes a dji r free

Probably mapping the new 300m google earth images and they not leaving their seats to do it .

Take the photos yourself and stitch them using Microsoft Ice, you can then upload them to Kuula | 360 Virtual Tours made easy. Create. Edit. Share. and display them for free.
Here are some of mine, https://kuula.co/profile/MementoMori66

I use Lightroom, PhotoShop or AutoPano Giga to stitch mine so if you use any of them you could do the same.

Search YouTube and you’ll find plenty of How to tutorials.

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BTW, I also use Hangar 360.

You can also display Kuula 360s here, now. Go to Share/Embed select HTML and copy the script and paste.
Here’s one of yours … :wink:

That’s almost too easy! :+1:

And I LOVE the highest possible view in this pano, it doesn’t say HANGAR, instead it’s a picture of the bottom of the drone! Genius idea :smiley:


Yes - I like that - not worked out how to add something there in ICE.
I love the high resolution one can have … 16,384 x 8,192. :+1:

Thank you, I’ve still a lot to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

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I only learnt that yesterday, and @RaRaRasputin added that site to this forum’s whitelist, today, so that it actually worked. We all learn something every day. :wink:

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Did he??

Excellent news :+1:

Well, that’s what I learned today :rofl:

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Yeah - he sorted the earlier method - so I asked him to look at why this method wasn’t working. :slight_smile:

Edit: Shame the full-screen function won’t work. :frowning:

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@RaRaRasputin Will you update the how to as well mate?


  1. Upload the image to Kuula - up to 16,384 x 8,192
  2. Go to Share/Embed select HTML and copy the script and paste here.
    Really - that easy! :+1:
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Updated and cleaned up the How To