Have you wrapped your bird?

@DeanoG60 Not lie :poop: I do not have good hand and eye coordination or is it my slow brain response and fingers :rofl:

Still flying mini 2 alot flew Mavic pro yesterday.

FPV got the hang of flying after months on the PC, can fly inside without banging walls and lights and wifeys ornaments getting a kick. I definitely enjoy the feeling of going outside and fortunately not had to solder anything yet as my skills of this is also :poop: as I’ve tried a few electrical stuff and balls them up for the bin :pensive:

One thing that’s annoy’s me is I thought I be able to go a wee bit further then I can without losing signal and drone, I’ve got to use a tight signal circle but would like to go further out to have better run at obstacles as like I said I’m slow to react and a wider space be fantastic so yes I know a upgrade antenna :frowning:

Whats the general consensus on the best colour for the furthest visibility on a wrap? Dark v light? Neon v camo. Are any colours better than others? My head says go black, but my heart says go crazy!



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Have a read through here if you haven’t already :+1:

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Thank you. I need to work on my search criteria as I often have a feeling there is already a discussion on things but when I do a search it brings back no results that seem right. Good job you’re here to point me I the right direction again. Thanks.

Don’t worry. I still get wrist slapped for this even when I think I’ve found the right thread!! :laughing:


When it’s in the air, the darker the better ( except at night :slight_smile: ) - note that all RAF trainers are now painted black - but when on the ground and you’re hunting through the undergrowth to find it a splash of dayglo really helps :wink:


Understood. :wink:

I wrapped my Mavic 3, thought it would be better for vlos and make it more interesting,


Definitely interesting :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Be nice to know if this be more visible or not as I’ve looked into it and people say dark or shiny mirror/silver best

Brain on joking I like it :+1:

Love the Kermit green colour and wrapping 1st class… would look great on a Mini 3! :thinking: :rofl:

Moved your post to the catch-all wrapping thread. :+1:

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Without a doubt I can see at 1451 ft easily now whenever the sun is shining on it, it took me a few hours to put it on but very satisfying afterwards, very good product but expensive at £40 , Brian

Very precise, what’s it like at 1452 ?

Impossible to see ha ha

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Wormholes! They’ll be the death of this sport!


In what way?

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This wrap has been kicking about for almost exactly 2 years since it arrived … from Japan, since this camo wrap isn’t available from WrapGrade’s Amazon shop.

Almost the old girl’s 6th birthday. Thought it was time.

All set for VLOS … where “S” = “Stealth”.


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Just ordered this vinyl for my air 2s, all I need now are the cut files (SVG) can’t find them anywhere :rage::rage::rage:

That’s proper mint!!! :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Cannot beat the old stealth look. :+1:

Goodluck finding it if you had to force land :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: