Hey from Southampton

Hi guys. Been a member for a bit and just been lurking and reading the digest emails. I’ve been flying my phantom 3s for about a year. Unfortunatly I live under Southampton airport flight path so always looking for interesting places to fly. And I look forward to interacting a bit more.


Hi and welcome to GADC @AirRaver

have a look at this lik to the idea of a GADC meet-up in Hampshire

Hi Simon.

A belated welcome to GADC :wink:

Hi Simon
Welcome to GADC!!!
I live in Bournemouthb but nearer to Christchurch. I was looking on Google Earth the other day and found a few possibilities, came up with Lymington and Calshot, both of which are outside of any NFZs. I haven’t got round to trying them yet.

That sounds good. I’d be up for that!

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Hi Simon - and welcome to GADC!

You live under the Southampton flight path, eh? I envy you!
I’m almost on the runway at the south end of Eastleigh! TOTALLY in the NFZ!!

Where abouts in Soton? Perhaps you’d like to add a pin to the Members Map - instructions here : Members’ Location Map - A Guide

I will update the map. I live in Bitterne Park.


Oh, you!!! Near the Butcher’s Hook, to heap on more envy! (/hate!) :wink:

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Hello and welcome, I know, I’m a bit late.

Welcome to the pleasuredrome…

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Close enough to stagger home from…

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I manage the staggering home from there sometimes … just takes me a lot longer and, to date, I’ve not fallen in the Itchen estuary … though I got really close to it one evening. LOL!

Hi @AirRaver and a belated welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

You and several hundred others (literally!) - always good to get a lurker active though!

Welcome once again mate :+1:

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Thanks guys. Is a very welcoming forum and one I wish I’d discovered sooner.


Hi Simon,
Welcome to the madhouse, great Company, and great advice that you will find helpful.
Also take a look here:


May be some useful info to print out for your droning bag !.
Don’t be a lurker anymore!, ask, and you shall receive !

I’m in Southampton. Really been looking into fawley power station but it’s a no go apparently. I’m guessing calshot would be similar

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Hi Kevin,
Welcome to the forum.
I hope you find some members close by.

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Hi Kevin / @FPVShadow - welcome to GADC!

Southampton? … ah, yes, that southern suburb of my Eastleigh. :wink:

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us a little more about yourself. :+1:

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