Introducing Panoee - Kuula killer, you decide

This isn’t meant to be a Kuula bashing post, I’ve been using it for over 3 years and a massive advocate of it, we here at GADC recommend it as the goto for posting 360 panoramas for a good few reasons

  • Free accounts (that do most of what you need)
  • The embed options let you post here in the nice ‘one box’ preview
  • Nice and simple to use
  • Its what lots of use so advice is always on hand
  • 100 uploads a month (plenty of space for the amateur user)

But I’m always on the look out for alternatives, and most have fallen way short of what Kuula offers, until now that is.

It came to my attention over the weekend so I thought I would have a little play to see if it offered what Kuula does (for free) and any other features that maybe of interest to members.

To cut to the chase I am blown away by this, it offers everything that I need (and its not an exhaustive list) , I think you might use these features too (and they are all free, more about that later)

  • Tours with unlimited points
  • Custom themes
  • Ability to add logos, links, notes, videos, pop ups (and a lot more)
  • Ability for the viewer to change between pano, little planet and mirror ball on one click
  • Custom slug for url’s
  • Ability to post panos/tours as private

All the features explained here a lot better than I can describe them

Now the big thing, why do they do all this for free?, I wondered too, so i reached out to the developers. They are a small group out in Vietnam (working night shift has its advantages when you want to have live chat with the other side of the world), I asked them the question they told me that the intention is to keep the features for free, but of course the ultimate end goal is to look at some sort of subscription model, what that means I have no idea.

Anyway have a play see what you think, the next post is one I knocked together at work yesterday, 3 panorama tour, it might change as any edits I make to my tour are updated straight away.


So in the top post I mentioned custom slugs for URL’s my little demo tour here has this URL, which I think is cool as.

We have added the ability to the forum to add the iframe embed for Panoee (via the share options in the editor)

This is by no means perfect, it’s what I knocked up with limited panos available on my work PC yesterday (in under an hour), but I think it gives a good idea of what Panoee can do.

I’m still working my way through the features and of course with anything new you find yourself wanting to go overboard.

For better examples check out Panoee’s own examples


Perhaps keep this thread for comments on members thoughts and questions or tips if you do find yourself using it, I’ll try answer as best as I can from my limited use so far.

Sign up and post your efforts on the usual pano thread I would ask for the time being NOT TO USE IT for DroneScene entries (as we don’t know where this is going).

Hope you enjoy, I think this could be my new goto for posting panos (but I’m still going to keep a copy of Kuula just in case it goes tits up, others have in the past, remember HANGAR360)

There are plans to have a Panoee ‘profile page’ similar to Kuula so you can see all of a persons panoramas/tours (similar to a social media feed) but a timeline for this isn’t available yet.strong text

First tip from me

While you are building your lovely creations keep it in draft mode (default option is preview) this speeds up your work flow, not that its slow in preview ;o)

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This looks awesome, Just signed up and having a play! I’ll report back.


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Currently, it appears they do not recommend use on mobile phones. I’m assuming this relates to the creation side of things.

This message appears after login.

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Having introduced us to Panoee, will the committee be introducing us to them? They might appreciate the feedback.


Chris has done. :+1:


Done, if you submit any feedback or request tickets please do mention Grey Arrows Drone Club ;o)


One little thing that bugs me so its worth a remember

Before uploading media make sure it has a good name you can remember as there seems no way to rename it in the media folder (although you can call it what you want in your projects)

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I created a named folder in the Pano root for this reason …


Yeah just found that, and you can move media ( i think) without affecting already published projects

Yup - you can - and delete.

Not checked if an existing pano still works if you move the media.


Confirmed - still works after moving. :+1:

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Hi everyone, I’m Neo - the founder of Panoee and also a Mavic 2 & 3 player.

Very appreciate that Chris milkmanchris has invited me to the community and hopefully I can contribute something :slight_smile: In the meantime, I will handle all of your questions & feedback about the 360 Platform and really hope that Panoee will become a good companion to build 360 contents.

Best regard,


Welcome. Thanks for joining us. :+1:


Thanks Neo for agreeing to come along


Welcome @panoee360 Looks to be a great platform and I look forward to using it some more. :handshake: