Just saying hello to everyone - from Knutsford

Evening every body, just joined the Grey Arrows, I’ve been flying for three months, bought a drone really for my love of photography, funny though don’t take many pics, I’m doing mainly videos. Still on a big learning curve, not only in getting decent vids and pics from my mini 3 pro but in learning how to fly it, only flew properly over water last week for the first time, my misses says I need to grow a pair, especially when I panic when I can’t see my drone in the air, joined the group hoping to fly with people who are well into Drones and to save my marriage as I’m doing my wife’s head in with constant Drone talk and dragging her out to all types of places to fly. I live in Knutsford at the moment, but will be moving to Northwich hopefully in December. Cheers everybody, seems a cracking club. Phil


Hi @piplindley and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

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Hi Phil @piplindley and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Not sure this was a wise move… once you’ve been bitten by the drone bug your wallet is always empty lol

You’ll love it! Your wife not so much :rofl:

Hi Philip - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Ive done some videos that I have put on YouTube, Would love some feedback, some are bit boring, some ive dropped a few clangers on not using ND filters, but I’m still learning, seems its not only flying, its learning new photographic skills, new software skills in putting the vids and pics together, I’m using CAPCUT at the moment, you tube channel is Phil lindley old fart with a drone. cheers


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Hey from down the road in Sandbach. Used to work in knutsford. Have to be careful at the north of it due to the airport!

Would be happy to meet up at some point if you like

Welcome, you are in the right place for help and support. I have gained so much from being here, and I’m sure you will too :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

Welcome to Grey Arrows, hope you like the forum as much as the rest of us…

Just down the road form you in Partington - wrng side of the Cheshire border - lots of good folks in the area and a couple of good recent Meet Ups too…

Also fly a MINI3 Pro, but lusting after a couple more drones now, but gott save uoo the £££ first… Pop your footage up, lets take a look, happy to sub you if you sub me back :slight_smile:

Also happy to meet up at some point, hubby will come along to act as a spotter too :slight_smile:

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Hey up mate, glad you made it here :+1:

I will sort a date out this week for a fly :+1:

This is the best place to be, these lot are alright :wink:

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It takes a bit of learning not just with the drone but on here, ask as many questions as you like

Post a link to your Youtube channel


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Welcome Phil be old mate :grinning:

Hi, that would be great to meet up for a fly, your only down the road, I don’t know Sandbach that well, my Daughter has just moved to Middlewich, so have driven through it a few times.
cheers Phil

Hi, a meet up to fly would be great, I drive through and go to Partington all the time as I work in Urmston and my job takes me out and about, we have just moved from Broadheath, do you fly on the Moss. Thanks very much Phil

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welcome to GADC

Hi Pip, not flown on the moss, although I know someone who does, @Sparkyws , wouldnt be averse to flying there, perhaps we could meet you and Wayne at the same time for a fly?

We used to have a great woodland just over the road, fields, woods and dog walking, would have been briliant for droneing, but they are building houses on it… TBH I dont fly much locally, usually take the drone out for the day to somewhere more interesting, or away on holidays to Scotland…

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I’m between Knutsford and Northwich, in Winsford, although I spend half my days at Heathrow :disappointed:

Hi, im member of the group because of Wayne, I used to go to school and college with him and also worked with him for a short while, spoke to him last night, I’ve not seen him since 1992 :joy:, the moss is a great place to fly, its where I took my maiden flight. acres and acres of farm land, very quite also, just the odd dog walker, I know it really well, my and Ange my misses used to walk our dogs there all the time when we lived in Broadheath.

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Cool, then you know where to fly on the Moss? Happy to meet up if you tell me where to meet :slight_smile:

@piplindley Phil and Suzanne

This is my TOAL point

I normally ride there on my Pushrod :bike: but if you in the car you can park here and walk

How about 18.30 - 19.00 this evening as the weather is looking ok

The Farmer has given me permission to fly there (not that I needed it :smile:)

Encounter with a Farmer

Encounter with a Farmer