Ladybower Reservoir - No Drone Flying

Yesterday I went for a bit of a road trip around the Hope Vally.
I did take my Mavic Mini with me but I didn’t fly.
I stopped off at Ladybower Reservoir thinking about flying. On the walk from the carpark down to where the plug holes / wall is I saw this sign by a bench across the road.

I can only think this sign is to stop people from TOAL from this location and its not a full on no fly zone !

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See below. The land is mostly owned by the water authority but there is a PROW on the west edge that they cannot prevent anyone using.


Loads of discussions on it already.

Yeah I am aware of this.

The post was just to point out that there is a sign that says no drone incase someone tried to be smart about it. The sign is in my view for that location where the bench is. So as not to fly across the road.

Hey Chris - yeah aware of the discussions but not seen anyone make mentioned of the sign across the road.

Know it’s an emotive and a bit of a grey area at this location.

The post is just to point out there is a sign be it in a location that does not have a impact on someone flying here as discussed before :+1:

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Probably just put there by some local who doesn’t like drones. An ‘official’ sign would more likely have the council’s logos etc on it and possibly quote whatever law they were using to prevent you from flying. You could have the drone in the air, videos/photos taken and be off before anyone appeared. :wink:


My view on signs like this:

Who put it there? Is it a polite request, a legal notice, or an idle threat (like the notorious and meaningless “trespassers will be prosecuted”)? How would the request / notice / threat be enforced?

Unless the sign maker has put some effort into dealing with these likely questions, I think it’s almost a public duty to ignore it!


If I remember correctly, aren’t there some picnic tables/seat by that sign? So I’d assumed it meant no flying from there (and it’s close to the road).

If you leave the car park further up (closer to the car park entrance) and cross the road, walk along the side of the reservoir and cross the dam, you don’t see any signs at all


Yeah it’s just this single sign and yeah it don’t look that official.

If it was a big problem I am sure it would be plastered everywhere and have offical logos etc on it.

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It informs you that no drone is flying at the moment.


Curious bcos no advisories about that place on Airmap .

There are none.

The point was that the sign is a bit pointless - its just that single one and it does not look that offical too.

Many posts on here about flying within the rules. This was just a very weak attempt at trying to stop people.

Do people still use that 🤷 Dronescene is your friend

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Is there an app version of dronescene planned/proposed?

Add to home screen from browser and it looks & feels like an app with no need to update :wink:


@Doodler Already use it in this way, was just curious TBH.

While bookmarking to the Home Screen is good and looks like an app, a native app will always operate better and allows for certain additional features like retaining user specific parameters.

Mine does remember settings, tried changing from Road to satellite view, quit, killed all apps, back in and I’ve still got satellite view.

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Same here, always remembers my settings :+1:t2:

Yes my dear "milkman " :rofl::rofl::rofl:
It does the job and I’m pleased to use it if I have a flight plan to do .
Now I learned that greyarrows has this map and guide . I’ll try to use both of them in the future . Got to study the new one . :+1::beers: Thx for intel . :smiley:

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As above, the bookmark method works best.

To be ad free and non subscription, this is the best way. Apple and Google are massive hoops to jump through and £££.

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