Looking at getting Strobon Cree LED Strobes for the Mini2

Why hide your operator ID or even phone number? Only someone next to you when you’re setting or packing up will see it. I have yet to be scammed by a pigeon, gull or hawk who are the only ones likely to get a close-up view.

Maybe they can look my address up of Gullgle and shit on my car?

I think it was more about hiding it online like here etc :+1:


Hi Dave @OzoneVibe

I keep seeing people mentioning club discounts to buy Cree LED’s but this I think is only available to full members only?
At what point does a new member become a full member please.

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Should be all you need to know on this in the FAQs.


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@Crackerjack mmmmmmm we was talking about if you are posting pics online with your details showing. I hide my numbers because I don’t want every scammer and his family phoning me every five minutes. Nothing to do with pigeons.


Will do cheers :beers:

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Ive been searching the internet for ages on a good set of either reflective strips or led lights for my drone so I can see her better when its in flight please? i have read that reflective strips should not have metal in them ?
I can see that weight will be a big issue to keep it legal

Any help as always would be gratefully received :slight_smile: , i hope you all have great flying this weekend
Claire :slight_smile:

Moved your post to this thread, since it will be a good starting point for you.

This search may help. too.

Reflective strips rather depend on the lighting source being where you are … hence “reflective”.

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I have ordered a cree strobe, to try to increase the VLOS of my Mini 2 in some situations.
Does anyone have any guidance on where is the best place to attach it?
I’m considering fitting it to the battery door, so it should be visible when it’s ‘facing away from me’ … and therefore help with understanding it’s orientation. Would it be better stuck to the underside so it’s visible in all orientations.
I’d appreciate any guidance/experience.


There’s a whole thread on it over here:

I hope you ordered them from Flytron. And I hope you used your GADC discount :smiley:

Thanks @PingSpike for the link to the advice, and yes, I did get the discount;)

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Just ordered mine cheers

I agree with Ozone, I have 2 one on each front arm and I am confident they will not fall off .

I have red on one arm and blue on the other… Looks cool and secure . :grinning:

That link doesnt work anymore
Does anyone know where i can get cree mounts for a ma2


Looking at @Sparkyws and his recently acquired shiny new toys for a little sideline :star_struck:

I recently re -ordered another using the GADC discount. :smiley:

Maybe it’s just my eyes but I’ve found the red light better than the previous white light ordered.

These may or may not have been posted already, I recently bought these which fit on the underside of the motors. Due to the weather I haven’t tested them yet but they seem to be pretty grippy.

I use this extra strong self adhesive Velcro. Clean the surfaces with alcohol, dry fully, and let it cure for 24 hours before use Very strong. Never had a problem. Very light