Members map!


Cant remember where i saw it now,but someone on here suggested a map of members locations,great idea,and would really help for meetups,and organizing days out flying:+1: What do think? good idea?:+1::+1:


Another thing that’s in the pipeline. Hopefully soon! :+1:


@OzoneVibe,cheers Dave,now i know whose brilliant idea it was!:rofl:


You read it here

And like Dave said its an ongoing project so watch this space.


@callum LOL dont mind me,think i am having another of my “senior moments”:rofl:


can i ask what forum software is this ?


Its Discourse.


is it paid for ? how about the site hosting


Discourse is open source and free.

Similar question was asked recently you might want to have a look at.


You’ll be pleased to see that details of how you can add yourself to the Members’ Location Map can be found here :


Wigan is officially on the map!



I only see some place called “gan”.


26 people on the map, now!

Plenty of the country still with nobody in it.

Not added yourself?

Members’ Location Map Guide






/me renames @callum to @BillyNoMates



That’ll be @BillyMcNoMates :+1:


Looking at the map,i wander if we should rename the club to “the Leeds drone club”:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Alas - not a single person in Leeds.