Members map!


Bloody autocorrect on the iPad :rofl:


Not going to correct it then???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A reminder …

So - @MementoMori and @Imleon - you are currently on top of one another. :smirk: Could you move your locations to a Cardiff suburb rather than just “Cardiff”? Thanks! :+1:


Done, we only live about two miles apart but I moved my pin nearer to my location.


Thanks! :+1:


Will do,


You might as well leave yours now Leon or we’ll be almost touching again :thinking:


Until someone else in “Cardiff” joins. Best if it’s not in the centre of large cities, for that reason, and as requested. Thanks! :+1:

I’m sure there can still be a means of a different location.


The issue is that you don’t get a flag with “2” in it to be able to tell, just the latest person to update - so there’s no way of telling that there’s a second person there. This time I happened to check and remembered who should be there, and worked it out.

So it actually NEEDS people to avoid using the same location. That was the reason for the request re large towns/cities in the first instance.


I think i have now moved to where I live, llanishen. I was not able to find how to access the map so I typed it in.


Many thanks - looks good! :+1:


The map is a

You can always get to it from the burger icon, top right. Select Users, then on the page that opens, select Map.



64 members on the map! :+1:


Hmmm… why have you got blue water? I have a dirty grey coloured ocean on mine… :thinking:


I also have Photoshop! :wink:


And I have several bottles of Jack Daniels


… and I have a cold … :sneezing_face::crazy_face:


Send it up to scotland!!!:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll take the cold but can shove the Jack D :rofl:


I see we’re up to 86 entries on the map! :+1:

I wonder who will be the 100th!





Oh - WOW!!! When did this feature creep in?

No longer do we need to avoid more than one member in any one location!! :+1: