Mini 2 with a Strobon up it's port

I wanted a quick, non sticky, non velcro method to attach my Strobon.

My family always take the piss about me and cable ties (there isn’t a repair job you can’t effect with them) so I stole this idea and modified it into mine.

USB C adaptor and sticky (yes , but not sticky on the drone) tape to mock it up.
Will try it in flight later.

And working

Mind your eyes


Interesting idea…

Why not solder it on and power the LED from the USB port on the drone? :thinking:


Solder? You can get USB-C male to Micro USB male adapters. :wink:

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What is that USB-C port used for on the Mini 2? Anything important? If it is I would be reluctant to use it that way, one crash in the wrong place and the port will be buggered :grimacing:

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All you are doing is connecting to the live voltage feed of the USB, so there’s absolutely nothing it can be doing that’s detrimental to the Mini.


But if you crash into the strobe/usb port it could (and probably will) smash the port
I’m talking more physical damage

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Cuz I is lazy and recharging via usb lead is easy?

If you’re flying backwards into something at any speed, that port is probably the least of your worries? :wink:


Charging the battery


Lol I agree to a point but I don’t think you would need to bash it particularly hard to damage it

Ah if its only for charging the battery I guess that’s not so bad. Does it not transfer data too?

Same goes for the more exposed gimbal/camera - more vulnerable and more expensive if damaged.
So could be time to stop flying drones. :wink:


All you have inside the drone is a pretty normal USB-C connector. Easily replaced.

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Yes it does, did you not bother to RTFM ;o)


… but the Strobon will only be connecting to the USB power and ground terminals.


Is this not just about mounting the strobe, why power it with the USB as it has its own battery and is only? 4grams, plus it lasts for 2 hours. I like it a good idea @FFf. :slight_smile:


It’s just an option. That’s all. Already ~~doubled the weight with the USB-C plug. It would also always be charged. #bonus

I agree but getting rid of the battery would be a better option don’t you think?

Then you can’t use the Strobon on anything else … another drone that you have.


True but if you only have the one :cry: