My First Attempt at 360 Pano pics

This is up at Hengistbury Head near Bournemouth, Dorset.


Not so good, tried again

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Again this is better as a tiny planet, but not sure how to make them interactive.

That was 360 attempts, here are a couple of horizontal ones

Didn’t do any editing on these, so they are just as the DJI app made them.

Phil, I’ve not used it myself so can’t advise, but a lot of GADC members use Kuula:

you do know Heighstbury head is a no fly area

Hengistbury Head is protected by local bylaws and is a no fly zone in order to protect all the wildlife (this was on net)

Also when i went on the Drone course with police they were saying that it is possible if pictures like this are found on the net or anywhere they can ask for the information of who took them and if that person is not forthcoming with that info they them selves could face prosecution and the person could be prosecuted as well. They said this has happend only a few times so far

I’m pretty sure the police have got better things to be doing rather than spending weeks submitting court orders to get hold of an IP address that’s probably behind a VPN anyway. We’re not selling drugs on the dark web here you know :rofl:

It’s a shame they didn’t provide any examples of such cases :frowning:

I’ve taken another look @oi69 but I still can’t see Hengistbury Head on any NFZ maps, what maps you think it’s a NFZ mate?

it was actually a topic of discussion at the course its a local bylaw as we are all local to that site and they said it was something that was being looked into monitoring this estate agents were talked about as well if they walk past shop and see picture taken above property they will want to see licence of person that took it they recon it will start to be enforced more next year when new laws come in

They said places like Heingistbury head would be monitored first time warning second time confiscation and it would prob be the arv that turns up as they are in charge of it all at the min

Well while I was sitting there flying at least two police cars drove straight past me, together with a fire engine and two ambulances. So I am sure they were too busy to worry about me on the way to the scene of what had happened, then not long later they all drove back past me again, so I guess they were not exactly busy then.
If there is a restriction or a bylaw then it should be posted up somewhere. It is just outside of the Bournemouth airport no fly zone, I checked that with the NATS drone assist app. I have seen other guys flying there, and met a guy from the local remote control aircraft club and he said nothing.
Estate Agents using drones to show a house is a whole different ball game, that is commercial use and yes they should either have PfCO or a CAA licence.

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all i know is i have done the police course and that is what we were told it is down to the pilot to see if there are any restrictions on flying at any places you are going to. They kept saying it was all down to the person flying to check ignorance is not accepted . When speaking about this site they said you could be prosecuted for flying there when bylaws state you cant and then by the CAA which they kept bringing up for FLYING where your not aloud to fly. We will see when it all get sorted as everybody with drone under 7kg (i think it was) and over a certain weight basicly a toy a very cheep drone 1 will have to register that could mean a person registering and having several drones on 1 licencee or having to register every drone individually at a cost per drone even they dont know the answer to that yet. But they recon all this CAA stuff will be hotting up no registration no flying and thats not just drones planes helicopters anything that can fly remote controlled

Here are the local bylaws and hengistbury head is classed as a local nature reserve

and Bournemouth council website info on flying

I have read the whole thing, including the HengHead pdf, and there is no specific mention of drones, there is mention of flying kites and model aircraft in specific areas for which there are signs showing those areas.
A drone is not specifically a model aircraft but if considered to be so then they can be flown from those areas.
Another thing that could be done is to take off and land between the high tide watermark and the low tide watermark as this land belongs to the crown and the use of drones is allowed.
So it is all a bit ambiguous, and I think as long as one is flying responsibly and following the Drone Code I think you would be OK. There are new height and airport proximity rules coming into effect from 30 July 2018, I am sure these are covered in the Drone Code anyway.

This is the current CAA regulations

Pretty much the bottom line :+1:

Anyway this topic seems to have gone off on a tangent from the original theme. I was showing my first attempts at doing some panorama shots, the first one on this page is a tiny planet, but that is not really what i was trying to do, I really wanted to do an interactive panorama like some of the others I have seen here.
The other two horizontal panorama shots I am quite pleased with, the only thing is there could be some better stitching at the top in the sky which could easily be tidied up in photoshop.
So if anyone can help with the interactive panoramas I would be grateful. I still have the 34 shot that my Mavic took.

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A good starting point …

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This might help …

had my first flight with hangar 360 well impressed apart from the bloody thing didn’t and the last 2 ft just hung there
anyway I mtuerned the controller off and on again and got it down
now how do I make it viewable?

oh and a question for you peeps in Bournemouth that you can only breath and die there?
looks like no fun to be had the a restriction for everything
need to get your banners out and protest thats the only way these draconian measure will get stopped its not like that anywhere else I know of

I keep forgetting about that guide :blush:

This is the image that DJI Go4 app stitched together