New from Manchester

Hi, Im from Manchester. I had a mavic pro in 2017 and flew it for about 12 hours. More interested in the flying side rather than camera and film making. However, now im more interested in the aerial photography side and videos I have got myself a mavic mini to scratch the drone itch again. I got it whilst the regulations sort themselves out and I can decide how i want to progress it in the future.

Lots of good stuff on here I see, hopefully I will become a contributor and not just a consumer of information.



Welcome to the club. Good bunch we are.

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Hi @groomaline18 from sunny Wigan :sun_with_face:

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Hi, Wigan Locks is on my list. have you been?

is there a way to edit your posts? is it because im new or is it not a feature on this board? Ta.

I think there’s a 15 minute limit on edits or something.

Walk my dog there on an almost daily basis :slight_smile:


Welcome, and happy flying!

Welcome from sunny Sale, not far from you!

Hi @groomaline18 and welcome to GADC.

Welcome from Stockport :+1:

Thanks all.

Hi and welcome @groomaline18 I’m new too.

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Welcome. This is a great group of people so don’t be afraid to ask. Someone will know the answer.

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Also from Sale here – well, Ashton-on-Mersey, but we’re splitting hairs now :slight_smile:

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I took some photos round your way last year: St Martin's Church, Ashton-on-Mersey.

Hi Im new to this and live in Bolton. I have a Mavic Air 2 and looking to meet up and learn from other flyers in/around Greater Manchester

Welcome to the club. I have the Mini too. Very capable little drone for just flying around or even for some decent film and photography, especially since adding the manual video settings…

I live in the South but my office is in Manchester so I am in the city every few weeks. Not been up for a while due to Covid so planning to take the drone up after work when I am next in the North West. Any decent areas within easy reach of the city would be greatly appreciated.

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I have flown within Manchester itself last year, but I don’t know whether ongoing construction has rendered this site impossible now. I’d think twice before flying there in daylight hours in any event.

If you take the train out to Marple, Brabyns Park and Marple Aqueduct are a reasonably short walk away.

There’s a spot within walking distance of the new Trafford Centre tramstop where I’ve flown, but requires advance permission from Barton aerodrome (may restrict flying times).


Im in bolton too. Im hoping to get a flight in this weekend in Beeightmet

I had to go up to Darwen this afternoon, and as I am a good boy, I have started taking the mavic mini out with me most of the time, you know, just in case. So i stopped on the way back by Entwistle Reservoir.

Not much of a video as I kept getting attacked by horse flies but I just wanted to share a couple of images showing how low the water is. It is normally brimming to the edge of the path. Not only that, but there has been some serious logging since I went up there last (before the drone).

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