Newbie from Shropshire

Hi Guys,
Thanks to @PingSpike for the invitation to join. It’s great to have a UK focussed forum. I’ve had a look around and been very impressed with the knowledge and resources available, well done to all for creating Grey Arrows!

I’m new to drone flying and just got my Mavic 2 Zoom last week. I’ve not had much chance to fly it due to the lousy weather but the few times I have used it I’ve been really impressed with its stability and controllability.

I’m in north Shropshire near Whitchurch, so there’s lots of lovely countryside to explore when I’m feeling a bit more confident to venture further afield.

Looking forward to learning, chatting and hopefully attending a meet up soon … before the weather turns really bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regards to all,

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Welcome Chris from another Chris !.
Great to have you aboard !.
We are a great Community of like minded Drone Flyers with all aspects of skills, from “Noobies” to PfCO Certified Pilots.
Feel free to ask any questions to the groups on, just about anything !.
In our Members Area are lots of things that may be of interest.

Feel free to dip in and print off what you require, we advise you carry a few of the documents with you and also, download a few Apps to your phone which will make your flying experience a little better.
Welcome Once again !

Hi @Ed-209 and welcome to Grey Arrows, glad you could join us :smiley:

Chris, I don’t think I mentioned it on the email, but we’ve a map of places to fly. Check it out:

There may be some places round you way already on the map and if not, please feel free to add to to :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, and welcome to GADC.

You have the privilege of being the first M2Z owning member! :+1:

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. This is a relatively new feature so not everyone is on there, and I’m sure there are far more members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

Oooh yes! Good spot!

Congrats Chris :grinning:

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Won’t be difficult for @Ed-209 to top the Breaking the speed limit leaderboard for M2Zs! :wink:

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Good point!

Get posting a screen shot of your flying speed in that thread @Ed-209 and you’ll be listed in the charts right away :blush:


Challenge accepted @OzoneVibe and @PingSpike . . .

Read it and weep (with laughter) :joy:


Welcome! Looking forward to seeing footage of the M2Z doing its party trick.