PfCO / A2 CofC - Advice

I suppose this is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions, but here goes anyway -
I’m thinking seriously about doing a PfCO course. I’d probably need some flying training too as I’ll be rusty after a long gap from flying, and before that I probably only did straightforward stuff.
So which school do you think I should use?
Prices seem to vary a lot!
I live in Kent so Phantom School courses at Maidstone are easy to get to. But they seem pricier than many others. I have used them in the past for a quick hour’s introduction when I got started, and am currently doing a sort of improvers course with them via Zoom. Nice bunch, but as I say, pricier than some.
Any views please?

Just my opinion, but unless you have a massive income steam expected then sit and wait it out to see what changes may/may not come about regrading regulation.


This thread may be of particular interest @marinemavic

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I used Phantom Flight School the end of last year to get my PfCO. Trained with Alan Proto, a great experience and passed without incident. Very helpful, not only with theory and pratical but also getting your Op Manual together and applying for the permission to the CAA.

I did it as I wanted to build a drone business. If it’s just for hobby then I would wait. But if you get the PfCO now, you get to keep using the extra permission of flying over a congested area for another 2 years I believe?
Take a look at the blog on their website for the pros and cons.

By the way I’m not affiliated with them, this is just my honest opinion…


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Must admit I thought the PfCO-related rules were to apply for ever, not just until mid-2022. What happens after that? It’s surely quite a restriction not to be able to fly over people at all, at any height, let alone not within 50m horizontally.

I thought as long as you kept your PfCO current you could still fly by what’s in your Ops Man.

New rulings delayed till at least 1st Nov 2020 so if you have work this year then the only way is a PfCO.

Remember there are no C1 or C2 drones yet so all drones come under the legacy category

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It’s as I thought like grandad rights as long as you renew your pfco it carry’s on and the drones you have in your ops manual at classed as legacy so you can continue to use them as long as your pfco is currant

Yes that’s right , plus we have the bubble for fly overs too. The new system is a cylinder so no fly overs.
Just renewed my PfCO so good for another 12 months to carry on as we are

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If you take a look at this

and scroll down to the summary boxes near the end (left-hand section is current rules, right-hand is new rules), it says that the PfCO related rules apply until end June 2022.


I dont think that is correct, as long as you renew you can fly on your pfco. Otherwise what would be the point in spending all that money gaining a PfCO if you can only use it for 2 years ?

Hi @marinemavic

Have a read of the latest CAP 1789 annex C you"ll see that the table you posted has been updated.

Phantom Flight School are great I did my PfCO with Alan Proto last summer and I have to say that it was a great experience. I highly recommend him and they also do your OPS manual updates for you (extra cost)

I used UAVHUB, (previously known as Fly Icarus)
Fantastic company, could not recommend them highly enough.
I think the owner is a member on here Matt Williams @MrMPW
Well worth a look at their website


I had an email of them other day about PfCO

Hi Guys I’m new to the group and had some nice greetings already thank you.

I suppose one of the things I want to ask is what’s everyone’s thoughts on training.

I’ve always wanted to do my pfco but have no real reason to need it at the moment. I have flown on and off for a few years now and always go back to flying drones.
My current business unrelated to flying I might add is very slow so I suppose this is the first time I have had to stop and have time to do the study side of things. I have always been looking for a sideline job but from what I read the industry is saturated with licensed flyers all undercutting each other.
So is it wise money spent at the moment or not?
Also the regulations are changing so again is it better to sit on the fence until they decide correct dates it will all come in?
Would love a discussion on this as I’m 75% still wanting to do correct permissions course lol


The race to the bottom began a while ago mate, it won’t be long now…

Alas, nobody knows yet…

I think the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want a PfCO in order to be able to fly commercial operations for clients?

Or do you simply want to become a better pilot?

If it’s the later, there are plenty of training schools around which can teach you all you need to know, at half the price of a PfCO, and with about 90% less paperwork.



I am im the same situation as you. I am keen to get fully qualified too but at the monent the whole thing seems an utter mess. Not concise in any way whatsoever.

I cant seem to find a proper syllabus anywhere - just a few bullet points and the an option to fire over hundreds of pounds without knowing really what I’m gonna get for my money.

I am a trainer myself and run courses on swimming and water sports. The training stuff reminds me of British Canoeing aka the BCU and how the industry is dealing with Stand Up Paddling. I am on the committee that advises the the BCU on SUP Safety etc. Its a mess too with loads of newbies jumping in ‘claiming’ themselves as The NGB for SUP and just lapping up money as they try and devise training programmes etc that are ambiguous as hell.

One of which is Phantom Flight School:

We have an exclusive agreement in place with them too, our Full Members are eligible for 20% off all personal training.


Just had a quick look, Thanks. So are these guys The NGB. Will thier training qualify me legally to fly comercially etc?