Portsdown Hill - Added to Modern Buildings in the South East region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk


I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at https://dronescene.co.uk

There is a convenient lay-by with a large open field opposite from which to launch and land. This site sits neatly outside of local restricted air space and a HIRTA zone although it is close to military research buildings so don?t stray too near.


… superb burger van, too! :+1:


I just found the dronescene site via one of your posts @OzoneVibe did I use it right?


Looks perfect! :+1:


is this the :hamburger: dogging site ?


Not quite! This one is more likely to get used for dogging!


I really want to try a night hyperlapse if the weather is good nxt week I might have to pop down to this place even if i just have a burger


Let me know (and I’m sure @OzoneVibe too) and I’ll pop along and say hi!


I’d be up for a night-flight and burger evening! :+1:


@scorps is it you that lives in hedge end? I know there’s at least one other GADC member who does!


Not everyone has their location on their profile … but @scorps does. :wink:



It’s @Sweetbaboo99 who’s near me! Tagging them here in case they fancy a burger/flight!

Also I’ve not forgotten my Hampshire meet-up! I’ll aim for feb!


Yeh thats not quite where i am on the map not to far tho more surrey dont you know


Hi Longstride. I am tied up today but available during the day tomorrow if that is any good? Would prefer to avoid PDH as I work there but if you fancied going out to the Forest or somewhere where we are unlikely to get harangued for being the architects behind the LGW and LHR debacles then DM me and maybe we can sort something out.




Watch out for my feb meet up I’ll post soon!

Hampshire meet up - are you interested?

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@Longstride LOL thought you said a burger and a Fight ,until i re read it!!!:laughing::laughing::laughing: