RTF Competiton Starting October 3rd -voting for subjects now CLOSED

Welcome back to the RTF* Competition

Or, if this is your first time, welcome!

Every fortnight three of the subjects suggested by the community are randomly selected. The subject for the next competition is then chosen from the three options by means of a poll. And then you have a fortnight to submit an image that illustrates that subject.

*RTF? Reason to Fly - this is a competition for those of us who need a Reason To Fly. It gives us an incentive to leave the house with a firm objective - to produce the photograph that is the best, as judged by one’s peers.

No prizes, just the adulation of your fellow contestants, bragging rights and vastly increased sexual potency and attractiveness (possibly).

So, to start off here are the three randomly chosen subjects drawn today. Which will you choose?

The people have spoken! (35 of them at least) - the subject for the first competition in the Autumn/Winter series for 2021 is





• The requirement is to submit an image, either a photo or video, to illustrate the subject of the competition.

• The subject for the competition running from 00:01 Sunday October 3rd to 23:45 Saturday 16th are to be determined by poll

• The image must be captured during the time that the competition is open and obviously be taken by a drone in flight.

• Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only (still) plus zoom and frame rate (video) There must be no removal or pasting of an object.

• Videos must be a maximum of 30 seconds

• Competitors may enter as many images as they wish. Each must be in a separate post

• Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:

◦ Location

◦ Time and date

◦ Aircraft/camera used

Feel free to add any further information that you think will be of interest

• A valid and original Drone Scene entry for your image will gain two bonus votes when judging takes place - i.e. there must be no prior Drone Scene entry for the subject of your photograph


  • Images will be judged by the members of GADC who may vote for any number of images by means of an anonymous poll open for two days after the closing date for competition entries.

  • Voting in the poll is open to all GADC members, whether they have entered the competition or not. You may vote for all, some or none of the entries.

  • Any image that is correctly added to the Drone Scene map with details including the Drone Code compliant take-off and landing point will be awarded two bonus votes.

  • In the event of a tie a guest judge will decide the winner

  • The original media may be requested by the judges in case of a dispute.


• The competition subject will be announced every second Saturday around 22:30. The subject will be chosen by a poll of GADC members.

• The competition will run from Sunday 00.01 to Saturday 23.45 fourteen days later.

• Voting by poll will be open for a further two days until Monday 23:45

• The winner will be announced once the vote is closed and counted

Have Fun!

For more information please re-read this post …

For the many of you asking how the subjects are chosen here is a brief overview.

You have made suggestions in this thread - which is still open for further ideas for subjects

Here they are:

They have all been transferred to a column of a spreadsheet and they are randomly selected using this formula: =INDEX(B5:B,RANDBETWEEN(1, (COUNTA(B5:B))))

The subjects are ibdexed, the COUNTA function finds out how many subjects are in the index and the RANDBETWEEN selects a number between 1 and the value returned by COUNTA.

The process is run three times - or more if a seasonal subject like “Clouds and Daffodils” is drawn in, say, mid-October. The three subjects are then presented for you to vote on your favourite. The two "losers are then returned to the subject pool.

Be warned - as the process is partly random, partly vote by GADC members the Challenge Committee members feel that they are sufficiently divorced from the subject selection process to enter the competiton without being accused of having any advantage.

We will see you in the Winner Selection threads! :slight_smile:


Including your own entry? Just checking. :confused:

Yes. The polling module doesn’t allow us to control who votes for each subject. If it did, we would :slight_smile:

Unless someone knows anything different about the polling set-up?

There is no automated way to stop people voting for themselves but you can do an ‘open’ vote which shows who voted for who and then you can check manually that nobody voted for themselves

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As often as not there’s a tie, so podium places are shared anyway. And it’s only for fun, so it’s not as if someone’s going to steal a cash prize from under your nose by voting for themselves. But I had to ask because my OCD was kicking in. :man_facepalming:

We considered an open vote, showing who has voted and for whom but felt that it might cause some friction between competitors in certain cases.

Each competitor can only vote for an entry once although they can vote for all, none or some of the entries. No doubt at some point we will have a competition where each entry gets just one point. But, as Paul says, it doesn’t matter, the competition is for fun and bragging rights only.