RTF Photo Competition - STILL WATER - Winners Announced!

So let’s see your best photos or videos of Still Water


RTF RULES - yes, read them – there are additions and changes!


• The requirement is to submit an image, either a photo or video, to illustrate the subject of the competition.
• The subject for the competition running from 00:01 Sunday June 8th to 23:59 Saturday 19th June is
• The image must be captured during the time that the competition is open and obviously be taken by a drone in flight.
• Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only (still) plus zoom and frame rate (video) There must be no removal or pasting of an object.
• Videos must be a maximum of 30 seconds
• Competitors may enter as many images as they wish. Each must be posted separately

• Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:
◦ Location
◦ Time and date
◦ Aircraft/camera used
Feel free to add any further information that you think will be of interest

• A valid and original Dronescene entry for your image will gain two bonus votes when judging takes place


  • Images will be judged by the members of GADC who may vote for any number of images by means of an anonymous poll open for five days after the closing date for competition entries.
  • Voting in the poll is open to all GADC members, whether they have entered the competition or not. You may vote for all, some or none of the entries
  • Any image that is correctly added to the Dronescene map with details including the Drone Code compliant take-off and landing point will be awarded one bonus vote.
  • In the event of a tie a guest judge will decide the winner
  • The original media may be requested by the judges in case of a dispute.


• The competition subject will be announced every second Saturday. The subject will be chosen by a poll of GADC members.
• The competition will run from Sunday 00.01 to Saturday 23.59 fourteen days later.
• Voting by poll will be open for a further five days until Thursday 23:59.
• The winner will be announced on Friday, around 19:00

Have Fun!

For more information please re-read this post …

I shall try harder to get out and capture something for this one… even getting to the village up the road proved impossible this weekend :frowning:

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Here’s one to start things off from this afternoons flying.

Flew from here
Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Trough Brook - Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North West (dronescene.co.uk)
Mavic 2 Pro , 06/06/2021 15:01


Here is an entry I thought shall I or not. My wife said yes as she reminded me the water was still.
The movement was from the clouds and branches rustling in the wind.
Fingers crossed.


Quick, get it in there before he notices… :wink:


Not my problem Joe.

Steve’s on regulatory enforcement duties this week. Hw will doubtless have a word with the miscreant once he sobers up returns to the office.

Sunday 6/6/21
Hawkesbury disused golf course (already on Dronescene)


The Pond - Cholesbury.

Taken on 7th June 2021 - Mavic Air 2 - 14:00 hours approx


3 entries for Still Water so far, lets have some more, even if its a puddle in your garden.

Didn’t see a thing :shushing_face: :smiling_imp:

and don’t forget the Construction RTF, voting still open.


Not much chance of getting still water here in Glasgow with current wind speeds approaching 20mph and not looking like easing any time soon :wind_face:

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Puddle option then :joy:

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:+1: :joy:


Glasson Marina
Thought i would do a second entry from last weekend. flew on the sunday morning. I managed to get the lock keepers testing the swing bridge but they didn’t open it all the way.

Mavic 2 Pro, 07:49 06/06/21

Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Glasson Marina - Rivers and Canals in North West (dronescene.co.uk)


Stone Bridge on River Nene, Irthlingborough Town, Northamptonshire
Taken on 08/06/2021 @18:39
With Djim2

Also added to Drone scene


This is my entry

It’s low tide on what I am calling Karen’s Beach after an encounter last night with a particularly entitled white female.

At low tide the mud is exposed.

BUT - there is STILL WATER in the marina and the channel leading to the sea!


I think I’m going with this one.

The weir on the river Nidd at Summerbridge, North Yorkshire
Taken 12 June 2021, 12.40pm with the Mavic Mini.


Lovely mud!

If you were being serious, I guess we’d have to remind you of your own rules :wink::laughing:

Great! Someone HAS read the rules!

MA, HI, 13/06/21 20:20 :smiley:


This was taken yesterday evening at 10:36pm, in Castlefield, Manchester, using a DJI Mini 2.

Added to Drone Scene here.


Wicksteed park lake near Kettering,Northamptonshire.
Taken 13/06/2021 @ 21:18
With djiM2