South East England Meet-up | Saturday 21st October | Likely to be Cancelled - Weather

21st October - weather permitting …

Possible locations:

  1. Knockholt: +Quiet, +Spacious, -Non-Accessible for limited mobility -flown before
  2. Deangate Ridge, +Quiet, +Spacious, +Accessible --flown before at meet-ups
  3. Shoreham War Memorial, +Accessible + No Flown before + Camera targets Quite ? Spacious ?
  4. Danson Park, +Accessible + No Flown before + Camera targets Quite ? Spacious ? Toilets?

Danson+Park: Google Maps Dronescene GADC-Location

Shoreham War Memorial: Google Maps Dronescene GADC-Location

Shoreham may be a little quieter.

Anyone flown Danson Park or Shoreham ?
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Location Preference
  • Knockholt
  • Deangate Ridge
  • Shoreham War Memorial
  • Danson Park
  • Other …
  • 'Up North - don’t go south of the rive this time of night.
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Which carpark/site has EV chargepoints?
I’ll be electric by the 21st :smile:

What you gone for @Steviegeek

My wife has a BMW i3 REX which when I retire on the the 7th becomes our one and only car :+1:


None as far as I am aware. I have drove my electric (Nissan Leaf) to ever meet-up. Range worry is over-rated.



I don’t worry ‘ cos we got a REX but at about 140 miles each way I’d prefer to charge
I’ll check ZapMap :+1:

I won’t be able to make this one, should be landing that day on our return from Borneo. Hope the weather holds up for you, hopefully see you on the next meet up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice Lynn - hope you pack at least one drone!

I live about 5 mins from Danson Park, I have never flown there either.

Its a nice place but its likely busy with people at the weekend and those with 5 inch drones will likely struggle to get any flights in if you wish to stay away from those that are playing games, dog walking or having picnic’s.

I’ll do a recon one day to see if this is actually how things are, it’s been a few years since I tried to visit so things might be a little different. One side of the lake is usually far busier so the other might be fine.

Parking around there can be tough later in the day. There is a car park inside the park for the pub / restaurant thats there, otherwise its on the road outside.

I vote for Danson Park, it’s very handy because it has a free weekend parking along the main road and yes, since I am local I flew it twice here are my 2 video once in the summer and once in the winter when the lake was frozen

Thats what I was worried about.


What time of day was that ?

the frozen one was about 11:00 am and the summer one was 5pm or thereabout.

I live about 15 mins away from Danson Park so nice and handy, but it can get busy with dog walkers, joggers, kids etc.

Unfortunately Carol and I cannot make this meet, as we will be just returning from vacation that day. Have fun everyone.

BTW just been asked what we call ourselves, is it Dronies?

Droners as in Moaners ?

That sounds much better than Dronies!

Knockholt seems to be the only option for me, but as a side-note.

How will DJI radio systems go down around other systems?

Knockholt in the lead at the moment. I’ll check the long range weather forecast on Sunday.

Deangate Ridge maybe not ideal for 5inch FPV which what might be lacking in votes. (Jason looked yet?)

I looked at Shoreham War Memorial, Tea rooms on way but quite a walk and the back is at least 15 degrees (which is steeper than you may think),

Work quite well, there is a channel map thread on the site. Only had one minor issue when lots of lots of drones in air, that one could not really takeoff. I tend to not fly analogue when lots of (hacked/FCC DJI drone are in the air.

It was Danson Park that was near me, I have unfortunately been unable to visit since saying that I would… oops. As mentioned its not a great place for FPV drones, I think there would be too many people for it to be comfortably safe.