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Might have looked better going the other way, with far longer exposure, actually.
Light trails from the single tractor across the field in his own extended patch of headlight illumination.
Or, on the M2P you have that hyper-lapse mode.
Chances of a single tractor giving enough light for no movement is very slight … within the scope of these cameras.


a good try at nightime photpgraphy. this is how we learn. :+1:


yes, I took a few pics, kicking myself tbh for not even checking each shot or Id have at least got the tractor in some kind of focus. grrrrr

I often found myself behaving like this with my drone. A kind ‘get in and get out of there’ as if Im some naughty boy pinching a biscuit from the kitchen cupboard! :joy: Admittedly I was up against time a wee bit as I was inbetween dropping off my youngest at Rainbows and collecting her an hour later. #excuses

As well as the settings and composition im getting my head around, its my own composure that im trying to wrestle with too.

All in good time I guess. Will definitely have another crack at this when I’ve more time.

More of the same :


I like that pic! Exposure about twice as long would be brilliant! :+1::+1:


I was taking some joy from the patterns in the soil in this one admittedly. Just need to sort out the tractor :grin::+1:


Actually - looking at that pic on a bigger screen - just 50% longer I reckon.
It would still be a tractor, the pools of light would be longer.
And - that texture is soooo good!
I do like it.

Often thought that teaming up with a farmer for a whole year to create a collection would be an excellent idea. Your pic confirms that.


Having seen some fab shots both still and video of farmers at work esp during the harvest period its got my interest too. Its rather helpful too that my father in law is a farmer and owns a nearby farm. :+1:

Actually youve got me thinking about something else I did last night that perhaps I neednt have done. I followed the tractor and was in motion manually flying whilst taking those shots, so now im wondering, If a better timed shot whilst motionless would capture the ground in greater detail and also accentuate the light trails more of the tractor. Hhhmmm more stuff to try hahahah Love it!!


That’s just called cheating! :wink:

:+1: Definitely! Tripod mode! :+1:


Aye but does that add just a wee bit of pressure on the farming photos and vids to come later on in the year? :joy::scream:


You just might find that you’ve mastered the skills that win you gold on a future challenge! :wink:

(No - that’s not a hint as to what’s in the pipeline … :stuck_out_tongue: )


[quote=“OzoneVibe, post:1116, topic:1179, full:true”]

Yes, of course tripod mode!!! :+1::+1:


Few from a recent Cornwall trip. The resevoir is by a small village called drift and the stone circle is called Boscawen-Un


Looks like the druids were much better at building dams than round stone circles


One from a few weeks back once upon a time when there was no wind or rain :roll_eyes:


Nice pic! Some lovely colours going on there!

You get the Green Flyer Badge, too! :+1:


Thank you :+1:


Very nice, apart from the lovely colours, I like the way the tree is in the middle foreground leading you into the photo, and giving a sense of perspective/size with the cars nearby.


Great shot @daniel_lloyd91, where is that?


I call it the s Bend in the river Severn its 2 miles outside of Ironbridge Shropshire


First flight today inside Brize Norton FRZ. They have new SOP regarding flying in the FRZ after last weeks rule change. I fly in a local country park which is really handy as it is only 5 mins from home.

  1. Telephone Duty Operations Manager- He then took my details and said that he approved the flying, and could I call ATC prior to takeoff. He said he would notify RAF Police (They are running a large Anti-Drone campaign at the moment)
    2.RAF Police phoned me, saying that they had been notified by the Duty Ops Manager of my flying. Ask for description of the drone, model, size, colour and if it had a camera, as he was expecting lots of calls.
    3.Call ATC prior to lift off and then at the end of my flying
    All in all a very good process, which worked, so many thanks RAF Brize Norton DOM, ATC and RAFP.:grin:

Only got one shot as the weather (Hail storm) closed in.
This is a local quarry (Bekstone) a good friend works there.

Still early days as still getting the trust in the M2 also need to set it up better for photos and filming. Loving the occusync