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Willington Disused Cooling Towers


Harvest time in Burbage Wiltshire


Littywood Manor, Bradley, Staffordshire.

This was actually made from my mini 2 videos I took instead of using the place for a 5th Birthday Challenge photo subject. Obviously took my time to edit it!

Was a refreshing and positive experience when the owners were happy to let me fly even whilst they were preparing for a wedding scheduled for the following day!


Admin - video deleted.

Already posted in the correct category. This isn’t YOUR Video.

Sorry, where is the correct category?

It was correctly posted here.

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First video upload

Taken on my Mavic Mini during a trip to Stanage Edge at the weekend. What you can’t see in this video is the dog that took a shine to the drone (Owners in the background) and followed it where it flew.

The owners were really understanding and laughed about it. Even warned me not to land it as he would be off with it. Nice to get a positive response from a member of the public.

Hi @Borg42 , great to see your first video. I am a complete newbie and have just finished editing my first drone video. I have now got the footage onto YouTube (first time ever) and would like to share with GADC but don’t know how to do it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Start a new thread in the videos by drone section, or on this thread

Add the YouTube URL in a line of its own with no spaces

Any problems let us know

Cheers @milkmanchris i will have a go. Thanks for such a prompt reply.
I was up late last night faffing about with the edit. It’s not great but we all start somewhere!

Testing out the hyperlapse with the Mini 3 Pro, 250 photos, 20 minutes in 10 seconds.


Timelapse surely ;o)

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Yes, it is, as the camera isn’t moving, despite testing out the ‘Hyperlapse’ feature.

Sunrise was lovely today :star_struck:

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