The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


@joe.k we’ve got two of those but this one is just a starter, only 9weeks old and eating the house


The rest of the tribe


Hey Rich, how old is your GSD?


She is 8 this year, most beautiful nature I’ve ever known in a dog. The weenie hounds are deadly


Ours was 11 months this week.


The background to these pics is over at …

These were taken @ Goodwood Festival of Speed in the top paddock.

With Karun Chandhok, who spent some time chatting to Billy.

Some Bike racers checking out Billy’s F3 car mods …

… and Billy explains the wheel mods.


What a beauty, I just noticed the pics from 8 weeks to 8 months. We are still at the 9 week stage with the other little horror. Certainly makes for a lively household. GSD are a fabulous, loyal member of any family, in fact I would happily feed our two girls to ours. :grin:


Thank you, I did notice the little one peeping out from behind the blanket :grinning:

That made me laugh out loud, ours still likes to attack us and bite our arms, he doesn’t realise his puppy teeth are now more like a Great White :laughing:
The wife is always covered in bruises from him, he is starting to calm down a little now though.
Anyone that knocks the door doesn’t stay around for long chatting when they hear him either :rofl:


Great photos Dave.

Billy is looking really well. Great to see him back in the driving seat.


There’s a documentary about him coming up on TV…

Monday 19th November BBC2 @ 9pm - “Driven”


Billy Monger is an inspirational kid.

I’m pretty sure I’d be contemplating calling it a day in this world if that were me…

@Ninjarich1971 your dogs are stunning, especially:



@Ninjarich1971 Lovely ! I’d like more myself but I don’t think ours would be happy about it.


Here’s one of my pups - Sky -she was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy about 6 months there is no pain involved in the condition just a real bummer – she doesn’t let it get her down and is a great inspiration for positive attitude in the face of challenges!! She was still in the learning stages of using her wheelchair on the second video - I was using treats but then I thought - why not distract her with the drone - my other dog Zulu is also chasing the drone in the shot …

I love my extended pup family :smile:


I am a aircraft maintenance technician/engineer at Oakland Airport here’s a couple of our beautiful sunsets from several months ago.

Nothing like that now - -the whole San Francisco Bay area is currently full of smoke from fires 200 miles away - nothing to photograph now and really tragic times for those in the fire zones …



Love that first sunset photo :clap:t2:

And your dogs are adorable :heart_eyes:

It’s incredible how resilient they are isn’t it? Humans just don’t have this trait… Well, perhaps 1% do (eg. Billy Monger) - and I take my hat off to them, they are far (far) mentally stronger than I :bowing_man:

News of the wildfires has reached us here in the UK too Bonny, tragic and frightening times :slightly_frowning_face:


Somehow…I must have the only hound on the planet that just does not care about drones…no matter how close I get to him with it. Sticks, Balls, Toys…Yea. Drone… not interested !



Speak to Billy and it’s as if it’s always been like it is now.
Prog on BBC2 Monday 21:00 “Driven” - I shall be unavailable for its duration. :wink:


Thanks - smell fo smoke everywhere - devastating times all over the world for the magnitude of these disasters.

… I am inspired by the pups for sure !!


You are very lucky!! I really wish my dogs didn’t hate my drone so much. I usually have to shut them inside with the music up so they can’t hear it! Even if I watch a video on youtube the younger one gets upset over that too!!


Well done to Sky for getting around on wheels, I thought we had it bad with a limping pup, amazing to see and well done to you for not giving up on her :+1: