The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Top Gear?


the first ones a drama called Him the other two are from bond Casino Royale


And for those of you who like to have a few cameras lol


That’s a rather tasty array! Tasty £££, too!


that was just half the row of cameras


Yeah - I can see it doesn’t stop at the right.


they do know how to spend some dosh
on one movie they had a camera one afternoon for some test shots hired from france i spoke to the line producer and it cost 150,000 quid just for the hire that afternoon


Garden life …


Great shot, a grey squirrel is the most regular on mine at the moment!


I’ve not seen a squirrel in my garden in the 7 years (tomorrow) that I’ve lived here.

Squirrels like trees … and those are few and far between … the odd one (that’s not been removed) along the pavements into town.
Gardens are too small for a tree of the size of any interest to squirrels.


Our back garden


We get grey squirells as well. Hate the little fuckers.

Contacted sspca on legal ways to deal with them. Answer was to catch them and take them to a vet to be put down.

Yeah im sure im going to pay vet fees for that.


catch one there aggressive little bastards
let the magpies sort them out


Mine does like posing for the camera!


My friend eats them, he’s very proud of the fact he never bought meat from the supermarket to feed his children. I’m not kidding, rabbits and squirrels…:nerd_face:


Shame its a camera and not a rifle.


I think the squirrel was posing! and sun setting over the Avon

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Came across this place in Antwerp!


Shameless baby photo, think I’m destined to do these for the foreseeable😏